Preventing Mold from Spreading in Your Basement

Mold in the house can be a matter of concern if it is not eradicated instantly, then it can cause many problems which includes health and home structural issues. Since mold occurs in hidden places like basement, crawl space, hence mold grows relentlessly because it is invisible from the owner sight. It originates from the basement itself and then mold can spread into other parts of the house. The mold is not only stinky, but it also makes appearance bad. It will also damage your belongings, health and the value of your property. In that case, basement waterproofing is the perfect solution. Hence it is needed to address this issue, and here we are providing the guide that will describe how to prevent mold from spreading in your basement and other areas. 

Check Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is an effective device that is helpful to eradicate the unnecessary water level in the basement. It gathers additional water from the foundation and throws away from the house. But make sure that your sump pump is working properly. Inspect it routinely and ensure that it is working fine. Get it to repair the sump pump immediately or replace it with the new one because once your sump pump device fails then, it will be easy for mold to grow and decay all the basement area. So hiring the team of professional is the best idea for mold remediation.

Apply Exterior Waterproofing Methods

Making your home waterproofing from the outside is significant and it as valuable as inside. The exterior waterproofing includes basement flood prevention, getting clean the gutters outside, downspouts that channelize water to get away from the home foundation. Contact experts for the cleaning of downspouts and make sure that it has been installed properly, this is an ultimate waterproofing method to make your basement free from any water leakage and moisture. Ultimately reducing the moisture level is the agenda and excavating outside the house foundation is the easy step for that. 

Curtail Moisture

Moisture is the first condition that influence mold to form and grow. You need to make the basement area free from moisture. You should call professional waterproofing contractors as they can inspect the area, whether there are any signs of Leakey pipes, decayed windows, and doors, cracks in floors and walls. These are some entryway for moisture to take place. In short, you need to block the space where water enters the space through leakage or vapour. The trained professional will do this task easily, and they will solve this problem. They will identify the cause of the moisture, and after that, they will find the solution in accordance with that.

Eliminate Musty Air

The basement is an area that has high humidity level because it is located in the ground, and mold needs humidity to get activated. So it means that the more the level of humidity is there, the more it will have the chance to become a moldy basement. In this situation, you should eliminate the humidity by using a dehumidifier or make basement dry enough. Don’t hang your wet clothes in the basement and put them upstairs; this will help in eradicating humidity. Turn on exhaust fan frequently and don’t let the basement touched with any water sequence. Ultimately you have to make the space completely dry.

Use standardized Top-Quality Flooring. 

Mold gets attracted easily throughout the carpet, but unluckily you cannot eliminate it from the flooring. The nasty thing about mold is that even it can grow underneath the floor. That is why it suggested that only use top quality flooring. You should choose from the flooring that can be cleaned and washable such as vinyl and ceramic tiles. Make sure to clean your floor frequently with the help of vacuum cleaner and another traditional method.

Isolate the Area 

It is necessary to isolate the basement area to make your basement livable. You need to isolate the fittings of windows, pipes, walls and drainage system which will help in restricting condensation and lessening the humidity levels. Insulation will make your basement frowsy and exclude additional moisture present in the air. Applying waterproofing membrane is a good idea to restrict the entry of water in the area.

Remove Unnecessary Items From The Basement. 

You can stop mold from forming by making your basement vacant and making it free from unnecessary items. The cluster of items and belongings can obstruct airflow in the basement. If strong items in the basement are your compulsion, then keep them away from the direct contact with walls and floors. Hiring waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR including Noida and Gurgaon.  

Don’t Store Woods or Furniture in the Basement. 

Wood particles or belongings are the easy habitats for mold, especially wood furniture, wood floors, and firewood. They nurture mold and mildew to grow in the space. It will not only harm the wood furniture but also make it decay if the moisture level increase nearly 20 to 28 % and the worst thing about it is that, it attracts mold to grow in colonies, so if possible, don’t store wood in the basement area and take them away from the basement. You can keep them in a ventilated and open atmosphere.   

Apply Dehumidifier Device 

The basement which is not ventilated properly can easily attract mold growth; however, if you use a dehumidifier, then it will eliminate the probability of moisture in the area. This dehumidifier works smart as it reaches those places which are not accessible to difficult to reach, such as underneath of the floors. This device is very helpful in control doing the high moisture level in the basement area, so we suggest you buy advanced and high-efficiency dehumidifier which will significantly quicken the drying actions even the basement is flooded with excess water.

Vent Appliances Accurately 

If you have stored your appliances in the basement, then you should always take care of them. In case you are using a dishwasher machine or dryer, and you have put them in the basement, then our need to vent them always after using. If you do not do the same, then the vapour that generated by them will not find space to travel and walls and ceiling can cause the moisture. However, if you are not able to vent these appliances, then simply turn on the fan or open the windows located in the basement. Well, water damage at home also causes harm to the longevity of the basement area.  

Put your Plants to Other Areas.

Plants, as we know, look good but they should not place in a basement area because they are a natural source of food for mold. You should put plants in an area where ample sunlight and the air are available such as a terrace or garden. However, if you stick to keep plants in the basement, then keep it very low in quantity, simply one or two. One more thing you should take care of is that don’t give them excess water, check leaves and soil frequently. If you see any mold or mildew in soil, then always change the soil. Try anti-fungal treatment on plants as it will save from mold infestation.

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