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Average 3M Ceramic Coating Price For Cars 2023

3M Ceramic Coating Price

It is amazing how technology has evolved from car polishing to waxing to ceramic coating. Ceramic coating has taken over the trend with multiple advantages and goodness! These days, cars do not need to be dumped once their exterior finishes become old and dumpy, especially if it is the car you love and enjoy using the most. 

A 3m ceramic coating can give an interesting turnaround to that car that seems uninteresting to you. This article will give you an interesting tour of what ceramic coating is all about, the benefits of using ceramic coating, a 3m ceramic coating price, and tips on choosing the best 3m ceramic coating in car detailing services.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a type of paint that has ceramic particles in it. The ceramic coating offers a permanent, invisible, and protective barrier against corrosion, dirt, and scratches on the paint. Interestingly, it is made of many layers of ceramic materials. 

The top layer is a hard ceramic material applied to the vehicle’s surface. It is then heated in a kiln to create a rock-hard ceramic coating. The next layer is a soft polymer that provides additional protection from scratches and impacts. This process creates an extremely strong barrier against corrosion and dirt on the vehicle’s surface during car detailing services.

Ceramic particles are so strong that they will not wear off over time like other types of paint do. This single characteristic makes it an excellent option for surfaces that are going to be exposed to harsh conditions or extreme weather changes. However, ceramic coating cannot be applied over existing coatings or paints because it will not adhere properly. 

Ceramic coatings are typically used for car detailing services to offer custom paint protection for clients. A 3M ceramic coating price is estimated to be between 12k INR -50k INR.

ceramic coating price

3M Ceramic Coating Price

A 3m ceramic coating price will depend on certain factors. These factors include;

  • Range of car detailing services provided.
  • Vendor that is offering the service.
  • Brand of the products used. 
  • Provided Service warranty.
  • Type of car to be worked on.

In India, the average 3m ceramic coating price ranges between 12,000 INR to 50,000 INR.

3M Ceramic CoatingPrice (₹)

Benefits Of Using 3m Ceramic Coating For Car Detailing Services

Many people think ceramic coatings are just for show, but they actually have a lot of benefits for the car owner. The benefits of using a 3m ceramic coating for car detailing services are listed below.

Better protection:

Ceramic coating is a protective layer applied to a car’s surface. The multiple hard layers of ceramic materials used to produce inflexible ceramic coating help to protect your car from scratches and other damages, dirt, and corrosion.

Good aesthetics:

Ceramic coating is a polymer-based, transparent protective finish that provides a high-gloss finish and is easy to apply.

Extended durability:

Ceramic coating for car detailing services can be applied in one coat, lasting for years. It also offers resistance to water. The best part about this coating is that it doesn’t yellow or fade over time.

UV rays protection:

The ceramic coating offers protection from harmful UV rays. Direct harsh UV rays can be very harmful to your car’s painting. The main function of the ceramic coating is to offer oxidizing resistance and prevent fading. This option is most applicable to car owners whose cars are parked outside without a shield.

Protection from chemical contaminants:

Acids and other chemical substances can be very harsh and destructive when they come in contact with car paint. It can happen through air pollution or water. However, ceramic coatings offer maximum protection against these contaminants.

Easy to clean:

The application of a ceramic coating on a car makes the car super easy and quick to clean. This process is because of its water-repellent nature. 

ceramic coating cost

Tips On How To Choose The Best 3m Ceramic Coating.

The 3M Ceramic Coating is the latest innovation in car paint protection. It’s a liquid polymer-based sealant that creates a protective, ceramic-like shield on your car’s paint.

Choose a combination of two ceramic coating: 

It’s best to choose the brand that offers the two types of 3m ceramic coating in their car detailing services. 3M offers two different types of Ceramic Coatings;

  • 3M Car Paint Protection Film.
  • 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.

The 3M Car Paint Protection Film is designed for cars driven less than 10,000 miles per year. This product is applied to your car’s body panels and protects from chips and scratches from everyday driving. 

The 3M Clear Bra Paint Protection Film is designed for cars with higher mileage or those driving through harsh conditions. This product protects your car’s body panels by applying them over your headlights, taillights, side mirrors, door handles, and bumpers. 

Check for a brand with good quality and a fair price:

It is important to note that some brands that produce these ceramic coating products differ from one another in their pricing and quality levels. Also, the 3m ceramic coating price is not always cheap. Therefore, to choose the best 3m ceramic coating, you must consider the quality and the price. 

Check for the brand’s reputation:

Brand reputation is vital when considering the best 3m coating for car detailing services.

A good brand is one with a good track record in its services. Please tour the brand facilities to know how they offer their services.

Check for guarantee and warranty:

In offering car detailing services, brands and organizations should be able to offer guarantees and warranties to their clients/customers for the ceramic coating and other services provided. Even though guarantees and warranties are very important to be incorporated into ceramic coating services, some organizations still do not offer them. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the services you require come with a guarantee/warranty.


The main benefits of ceramic coating are its durability and ability to resist corrosion. It also provides protection against scratches and dents, which can happen on the road or at home. In general, 3m ceramic coating prices can be relatively expensive. The cost can depend on certain factors that should be considered when choosing the best car detailing services.

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