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5 Reasons for Mold Growth in Your Property

One of the serious concerns of homeowners is mold growth in the property and the bad thing about this, it rapidly spread in other parts of your house. There is a wide number so reasons for quick extension mold growth. It needs to stop immediately because it will fetch several health issues as well as the structural weakness of the house. You can detect mold growth easily but you need to know the common reasons behind mold growth so that you can prevent it timely.


Humidity can become the habitat for mold growth and it is not comfy for home. Check the area of your home which has become muggy because of reduced ventilation, because it can be the starting of mold growth. There are areas such as a washbasin, sink, bathroom, and kitchen which can result in water damage. You need to make the area dry or conduct Dehumidification so that the moisture occurs in the area can be dried out and it will eradicate the mold possibility within the area.

Air conditioner duct and condensation

The air conditioner unit in your home needs to be serviced from time to time. It might flow duct through the air in the entire home if it not maintained well. These ducts bring air in every room to make you cool in summer, but the problems are that it is a formation gateway for condensation which enables a consistent state of moisture. The ducts coming from AC unit is likely to found in the area which usually a dark and disguised area of your house and that is why they are not visible easily and eventually it becomes the cause of mold growth

Scratched/Leakey Roof

When the roof is damaged due to seasonal conditions like winter, summer and rainy season, then the possibility of room damage is common and if you infrequently visit the roof, then it might be roof leak possible which is unnoticed. Due to that, the mold grows naturally and it leads to damage to structural beams and roof decking which handle the weight of attic insulation. Prevent mold growth by inspecting your roof from time to time and repair the leaks as soon as possible.

Flooding at your place

Flooding in the house due to heavy rainfall and leaking pipes can bring many problems with it like moisture, water damage, and weakening of the structure. Flood often results in black mold in the area where it has been flowing. The prevention of flooding is quite difficult but at least you can take the precautionary step to prevent it such as examining the plumbing on a daily basis. You need to check if ay leakage in your pipeline is existing and if you find the same, then the instant repair work needs to be started by calling professionals. To prevent mold growth, it is important to throw out flooding from your house without wasting a single minute or you should consult professional waterproofing service in Delhi and they will easily eliminate the surplus water from your house.

Basement moisture and foundation cracks         

The basement area of a home is likely to be the first victim of water flooding, water damage, and moisture. This area is always at the risk of contracting with water because of groundwater closeness, plumbing proximity, and excess humidity. The cracks in the foundation can allow water to seep into the ground and damage the foundation. This is scary and it should be addressed instantly until it gets too late.

For the protection of your home structure, you should be aware of these common causes of mold growth. It will require you a lot of time, effort, and money to prevent these problems but all you need to contact the professional mold remediation services and waterproofing contractor in Delhi to get the finest accurate solution.

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