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7 Best Ways to Waterproof Your Bathroom

bathroom waterproofing tips

Leakage and water mismanagement is the most generic damage factor for home structure strength. The main area of the house where water flows continuously is the bathroom and toilet. Moisture and leakage is a continuous factor in the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. That is why people remodel and repair this area more compared to other rooms in the home. In fact, a minor water penetration underneath countertops, flooring surface, and walls speedily start destructing home construction and structure. We will discuss bathroom waterproofing Tips and how they will help you maintain your bathroom safety, durability, and cleanliness.  

Why You Really Need Best Waterproofing For Bathroom

Bathroom waterproofing is a necessity because it is a place where constant water supply is common, and it is vital to prevent moisture buildup in this area. When you manage to block leakage in the bathroom, you can expect a long-lasting and completely efficient bathroom. You may have aware of bathroom waterproofing products. What happens when you detect that bathroom is over-flooding, damaged, and structurally weak due to continuous moisture and leakage. A quality waterproofing solution can make your restroom improve and operate correctly for years. That will instantly start decomposing and cause mildew and mold.

Can you waterproof a bathroom yourself?

This might be a tricky question; if we say that you cannot waterproof the bathroom yourself, it may make you feel underconfident. But that’s not the concern; the main motto is how you can effectively waterproof your bathroom. Yes! Of course, you can perform the task only when you have a deep knowledge of waterproofing or are professional. But for a layman, it is not the way it looks. You need a certain amount of skills, team, material, timing, and other aspects that you may not be aware of waterproofing. So better to leave bathroom waterproofing jobs to the professionals because they are used to doing such tasks excellently with no signs of flaws.

7 Best Waterproofing Tips for Bathrooms To Make Your Bathroom Long-Lasting 

Fill or Seal All Holes and Cracks 

When you plan bathroom remodeling, never forget to use sealant to waterproof minor and major holes and cracks around the tub and shower, floors, shower walls, under-surface, countertops, plumbing fixtures, etc.

waterproofing bathroom with sealant
Bathroom Waterproofing with Sealant

Repairing cracks and holes along with using sealant to the moisture area is plumbing and technical expertise; it ensures your bathroom can stand strong against water attacks. It is one of the significant ways to waterproof your bathroom to maintain your restroom health. 

Equip an Exhaust Fan 

Equipping a high-power bathroom exhaust fan is the finest solution to drive out moist air from the restroom. Few exhaust fans are also installed with infrared heat bulbs that help in the combustion of washroom moisture.

Hire expert electricians and plumbers and get it done properly. They know where to install the exhaust fan exactly. Plumbers understand the right place to install bathroom accessories to prevent moisture from passing through these devices.

Ensure that Tub and Shower Is Rainproof 

Another best bathroom waterproofing is to install fabricated tub and shower panels. They must be watertight, and the only areas you need to agonize about are the edges. Shower and tub surrounds are usually much more economical than tile jobs and are almost simple for DIY users to equip. However, we always advise hiring a professional to perform the job.

Waterproofing Bathroom Floor

Flooring type and selection are significant for the bathroom. Don’t ever select bamboo, engineered furniture, and hardwood in the water closet. Specifically, a big family bathroom must use plastic laminate floors; however, it is often built with a foundation coating manufactured from wood derivates that can easily get decayed by water.   

A traditional selection for bathroom is porcelain and ceramic tile that comes with extensive design, trends, and patterns. They are an efficient substitute for wood floorboard and other flooring substances. Furthermore, luxury vinyl floorboards and tiles are great options for waterproofing the lavatory surface and walls. The vinyl floorboard and tiles are now manufactured from concrete inorganic substance; hence they are solid waterproofing.  

Apart from selecting complete and effective waterproofing tiles and flooring substances, ensure that configuration of such materials becomes watertight. When the installation of waterproof material gets watertight properly, it doesn’t infiltrate through the flooring to the underground and subsurface.

Give Space To The Plumbing 

It is not compulsory, but it is always useful to give space to shower or bathtub plumbing from the back with the help of the service board. If the other side room allows, you can make a hole in the wall to enable the water supply system to be detected and repaired from the rear. It will become effortless and less complicating to repair plumbing this method compared to digging out tiles from the bathroom or surface.

Call Professional Plumbers Whenever Required 

Plumbing is an important segment of any building and house construction. A credible plumber takes care of all precautions and safety measures while installing plumbing work and fixtures. Ensure to hire the best plumber with a great record because a small error in plumbing pipe configuration can cause thousands of money losses and structural damage. As a DIY person, you may have the option to use PVC pipes, PEX tubes to make it simpler, but it is not the area where you need to take risks. If you have plumbing expertise, then you can do it properly. Make sure to hire an experienced, confident, and expert plumber to perform plumbing patches and rough-in jobs.

Apply High Gloss Paint 

Even or lusterless polish bathroom walls interior paint can become stripped-off and discolored. Apply high gloss paints to prevent expected splatters through bathroom activities, moisture, and condensation. Velvet, Semi-Gloss Enamel, Semi-gloss, Eggshell paints, Gloss paints are top choices because they are easy to paint bathroom and have long-lasting features.    

Preserving a bathroom waterproofing is not a random job. After bathroom remodeling, always take care of your bathroom and maintain cleanliness. 

Remove moisture and apply waterproofing services to avoid any leakage and wetness in the washroom. Take look at the most significant tips for maintaining your water closet waterproofing:

  • Wall painting from time to time
  • Keep cracks filled
  • Utilizing bath mats
  • Waterproofing bathroom walls before tiling
  • Rectify gaps in the flooring
  • Utilizing firmly-fitted shower drapes
  • Remove water instantly through the wiper

If you have covered walls and floors with ceramic or porcelain tiles, it may stand firmly against water issues.

Bottom Line 
waterproofed bathroom
Water-Tight Bathrooms

Waterproofing is an essential practice for every building structure. Especially those areas which are constantly in touch with water such as washroom, kitchen, and waterproofing of toilets must consider waterproofing as a compulsory process. Key vendors have experts in offering bathroom waterproofing, basement waterproofing, interior-exterior waterproofing, and roof/terrace waterproofing.

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