Car owners must take good care of their cars and pay attention to proper cleaning and washing. Detailing and professional cleaning are way different and need expert assistance. You can also wash your car at home like a pro. While car cleaning can take some time, it protects your investment in the long run. 

You only need to make sure how to wash your car at home professionally and the requirements to complete the car cleaning job. 

Washing your car yourself takes more time, but you’ll save a lot more money in the long run. We’ve created a collection of a few effective and helpful car wash ideas to try these things.

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Things And Products You Need To Wash Your Car At Home 

2 Buckets 
Water Pipe
Spray Bottle
2 Dirt Grabbers 
Microfiber Cloths
Microfiber Car Wash Mitt
Alloy Brush 
Car Cleaning Soap Or Detergent 
Tyre Cleaner 
Basic Car Grease Cleaner 

Find The Right Place to Clean or Wash Your Car 

Avoid direct contact with sun rays and find a place where enough shades are available. A car wash is good on a typical sunny day, but don’t put your car in front of naked sunlight. The direct sun rays can quickly dry your washing foam, soap, and cleaning products. That ultimately caused eddy stains on the window and polish of the car.  

Perform car wash at home procedure on a little cloudy day and in a cool place. Pick spray bottle on hand. Ensure to find an area where you don’t face difficulty in car parking. It may need a lot of space to clean and open the car’s windows and doors. 

Step by Step Guide for Wash Your Car at Home Like Professionals

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 Washing The Alloys/Wheels 

Start by cleaning the grimy car’s wheels because they may be the muddiest and dusty car component. Always wash wheels distinctly to prevent expanding the dirt and tar on the vehicle polish. While washing wheels, use a microfiber cloth, a sponge, a wheel brush, and a particular car cleaning soap or detergent solution. 

Professional car detailers always suggest using non-rusty and water-soluble cleaning products for every category of wheels. These are secure options when selecting Tyre washing material. 

Now pour a layer of cleaning material or soap solution into the muddy wheels. Let the solution remain for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Then scrape the mud and dirt from the tire with the help of a Tyre brush.  At the end of the cleaning process, sprinkle cool and fresh water to rinse off the wheel’s cleaning solutions. Let them dry properly, or you can dry them with a new microfiber towel.

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Clean The Headlamps 

Remember to clean headlamps also. Grimy, dusty, and deteriorated because of excessive sun exposure, plastic headlights can turn yellowish with passing the time. If they don’t get cleaning, they become inefficient in showing the way on the road. These dirty headlights spoil complete car looks. 

You can clean headlamps with a cleaning solution and wet cloth, sponge, and other ideal pieces of apparel. After cleaning, always keep in mind to apply preventive finishing to revive the headlight’s appearance. 

 Take Out the Car’s Floor Carpet and Clean Dirty Marks 

Plan a dusting activity on your car’s floor mat or upholstery. You can spank the carpet with the help of a stick that can expel all the collected dirt—using a vacuum cleaner with a wet-dry version and blower attribute. The pipe attached to the drain harbor can operate to eject wreckages and accumulated dirt from the gap between the seat and central compartment.   

 Conduct Vacuuming to The Upholstery and The Floor

Shift the frontline seat rightly to access the spot beneath them from the backseat. Perform vacuuming the floor in the frontline thoroughly and shift the seat in its original place. In the end, lean back the seats to access inside the gaps as much as you can to remove any remaining grime.

Eliminate Dirt Out from The Windows 

Use a foam cleaner that will not dissolve such water base chemicals and rub with microfiber fabric. Conduct cleaning in round moves flat and vertically on the outer area. You can effectively notice any stripes on any edge that require recleaning. Spool window to the below slightly and wipeout top sides also. 

interior car clean

Cleaning The Interior

It’s tough to maintain the car’s interior spotless, and washing your car’s interior with kids or pets is even more complicated. Eliminate all trash from the car, including the flooring, underneath the rugs, and between the seating.

Remove your car’s floor mats and toss them to wash away debris. Before restoring them, wipe them with car shampoo and warm water and let them dry naturally wholly.

Clean Front Back Seats, Flooring, Controls, And Outside Door Handles.

A microfiber towel or cleansing solution completely erases grime, pollen, and grease. A teeny bit of automobiles cleanser can be poured on the dashboard, driver’s seat, in between the seat belts.

  • It is also good to use cleansing swabs or a cotton ball soaked in a floor cleaner to wipe the center console.
  • Remove spots on the upholstery and carpeting using specific cleaning fluid, then cleanse with a moist sponge.
  • Access the far-reaching spots between the seats and across the center console; use a brush spreader wrapped around the central console tip with a microfiber cloth.

If you have a dog or any other pet, you may always seek a rapid method of collecting and removing the pet’s hair from the vehicle. You can apply cotton sliders or a bristle brush when vacuuming is not working for a thorough car interior cleaning. 

Keeping The Outside Clean

You can eliminate pollen, filth, or muck from your car’s surface by washing it. By doing so, you will be protecting your car’s paintwork from further damage. Make sure you clean every area of the car to remove more significant debris. Wash the vehicle’s surface with warm water and detergent in your spotless barrel.

It’s preferable to use a sprayer without a pump to wipe away the soap and warm water. That pipe style will enable water to pass softly from the automobile’s roof downwards at reduced pressure.

Take a bucket halfway full with water. Then pour in the amount of car wash chemicals specified on the container. That’s the pail in which you will rinse your garments. If your car is very filthy, or if you’d want a barrel for washing and drying your car and another for washing the tire boreholes, you can load two barrels with soapy water.

Concluding Thoughts 

Cleaning or washing your car at home is easy with the given tips in our blog. However, nothing can replace professional car cleaning through a reputed firm like Keyvendors. So if you want professional car cleaning and detailing, book our service any time.