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Top 9 Causes Of Basement Leakages and Water Seepage

Basement Leakages

What Are The Causes of Basement Leakages? How to Fix Them

The basement is the most significant area of a home or any building structure. The problem arises when water leakage starts in the basement area. Continuous moisture and water leakage can damage your foundation and its strength. 

A damp basement can easily have more chances of severe structural breakdown and damages to your home. Wetness in the basement can boost mildew and mold buildup, adversely affecting your and your family’s health. 

Moreover, it can make your floor, wooden items, furniture, and walls worse and damages. Know some basic causes of basement leakages and their possible solutions.

Wrongly Sealed Basements  Can Be A Causes Of Basement Leakages

It is essential to check foundation and tiles in your basement are properly sealed throughout the construction procedure. If you have got your basement wrongly sealed, moisture can penetrate through the walls to the basement area over the course. 

When you observe that basement is flooding in the rainy season, it means you need to take extra care of your basement and seal it correctly with the help of basement waterproofing experts.

Possible Solutions

Hire basement waterproofing professionals from Keyvendors. The expert will firstly clean the entire area. After that, they will plug holes and fill the cracks visible on the foundation. Later on, they will open sealing and apply pertinent waterproofing chemicals to seal it correctly.

Weak, Misplaced, or Absent Sump Pit and Drainage Tile

Several homes don’t contain an underneath drainage mechanism. It happens because the basement in ancient houses is often not considered a natural space. 

That is why basement drainage mechanisms were not essential. Ultra contemporary house that has drainage structure frequently faces problems with their structure. 

The problems can include damaged sump pumps, clogged pipes, disconnected water connections, and many more

Possible solutions  

Unluckily issues with your subsurface drainage structure may have plenty of more severe issues than a few of the above-described remedies. It becomes hectic and complicated for you as a layman to do this task. 

Only an experienced waterproofing team can inspect the actual area of the problem occur and implement the accurate basement waterproofing method

The process may include digging up the basement floor and installing a newly advanced drainage system. The system must have a pump that flushes out water and moisture from the affected area. 

Creating, rectifying, and concreting a subsurface drainage mechanism is tiresome and complicated. It is best to leave things in experts’ hands because they can perform the job with precise tools, machinery, methods, expertise, and learning.   

Blocked and Clogged Gutters

If you think that condition of your gutter has nothing to do with your basement health, then you are at fault. You must recognize that gutters are a crucial fraction of your drainage and rain management structure. 

But they can easily become blocked and clogged with excessive dirt, leaves, debris, bushes. They don’t come across visible to us; that is why we ignore their presence. The clogged gutter cannot manage to carry out water away from your residence. 

If you haven’t treated them timely and properly, the gutters can cause water flows at the time of the rainy season, and they can lead to waterfalls and flooding issues around your home. 

Ensure to sanitize, and clear gutter frequently and always covers the top to stop unwanted debris from penetrating the gutter.

Possible Solutions

Think about constructing a gutter if they are not present around your house. A homeowner needs to talk with a basement waterproofing expert, and they will place at least one downspout every 50 feet of the roof soffit. 

All downspouts need to cover with extenders and separate water a minimum of 4 feet from the foundation. As we have already been told that existing gutters must be cleaned from time to time to make sure that they are working fine.

Overloading Precipitation with No Downspout Operation

We have understood the significance of downspout, and when precipitation occurs, it becomes more essential. 

Precipitation is when waterfalls down because of atmospheric processes in the form of snow, hail, or rain to the ground surface. Ensure to fit and install accurate downspouts to expel water from the home. 

Suppose water doesn’t get the way pass through straight or penetrates the basement wall area. In that case, it could put additional force against the foundation wall and eventually damage the entire house’s strength and stability. 

Possible Solutions 

The downspouts must work properly to make way for water to flush out away from the foundation walls precisely. It will decrease the water level adjacent to the basement area. For detailed solutions, communicating basement waterproofing team is always a good concept.

Plumbing Issues 

One must ensure that the installation of plumbing in the house is accurate and working well. Sometimes external and interior house plumbing discrepancies can lead to extra water going through in the underground area. 

If you observe any sewage leaking condition into the ground area, it could be because of drainage that enables water to flush out from the house is chunked. 

In such conditions, it is imperative to discontinue using water instantly. Any water-related work such as using the toilet-bathroom, washing hands can cause basement area leakage

Top cause of basement lekages

Possible solutions

You have to make sure that there is a proper drainage system in your house. Inspect your plumbing structure and get it checked by expert plumbers. Keyvendors are there for you in helping with waterproofing solutions as well as repairing plumbing issues.  

Basement Condensation

Basement condensation occurs because moist, humid, and warm air comes across your chilled basement floor and walls. The dampness and moisture are produced because walls are chilling the warm air. 

However, condensation in the basement area is quick and trouble-free to rectify compared to drainage and water leakage issues. It is cost-effective to address and get solutions for basement condensation problems.

Possible solutions

You need to apply some effective steps to combat basement condensation. The initial footstep is to evaluate your dryer and drain exhaust of the central AC. 

You must make sure that the AC drain and dryers are not clogged and blowing air correctly. Call waterproofing professionals and discuss your problem with them. They will bring suitable solutions for the existing problem.

Poorly Managed Sewer System 

Often, sewer systems get overflowed with dirty water and rainwater that leads water to return to your house through floor drainage sinks, bathrooms, and toilets. The best remedy is to equip backwater faucets to prevent water return flow from the sewer system. 

Don’t forget to sanitize, clean, and check the sewer system repeatedly to eliminate the possibility of basement flooding and water backflow to the house’s basement.

top causes of basement lekages

Possible solutions

As mentioned above, you must make sure that the sewer system is functioning well. In case you find any malfunction, you can call plumbers, Seaver cleaning expert to clean, maintain and ensure that it is working well.

Faulty foundation

The most generic reason for basement leakage is a wrongly constructed foundation or maybe a defective one. Foundation cracks and holes enable water to infiltrate into the basement. 

Hydrostatic force continuously puts pressure on the foundation as water develops scope in the soil surrounding your house. Over the course, that force causes foundation crack and even enhances existing cracks. 

You must detect these issues as much as earlier before they worsen and lead to many other issues. 

Firstly, it is not difficult to fill foundation cracks. However, you need to check them and don’t ignore them because these cracks may become harder to repair (in case they don’t get noticed by the owner). Even it may require profound repair to stop eater leakage and even complete foundation damage.

Possible Solutions

The solution to the faulty basement will be based on the reasons for cracks and uneven surfaces. If structural issues are the reason behind the cracks, it is essential to place anchor bolts and straps to seal the gap. 

If hydrostatic force is responsible for defective basement and cracks, you must hire a basement waterproofing expert to repair the external drainage system.

Communicate Keyvendors Basement Waterproofing Experts for Basement Leakage Solutions  

Keyvendors know how to do waterproofing according to the problem. We have a spacious in-house and external team to solve your water leakage problem. We are always ready to hear your problems and develop accurate solutions based on your waterproofing query.

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