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Common Problems While Repairing Crawl Space

There are plenty of issues in the home structure, and a moist foundation is one of them. Moreover, when you see the moisture crawl space, it holds several health risks for the homeowner. It happens because the presence of mold and insects make the surrounding harmful. That is why repairing of crawl space is mandatory.

Several factors are associated with the crawl space issue, and sometimes homeowners ignore them, but when you are going to repair the damped crawl space, you should not overlook these factors. If the consideration of these factors doesn’t take place on a serious note, then there can be a lousy output of minor repairs.

There are some of the most common crawl space repair problems that generally occur by homeowners, and they are:

Poor Drainage System 

Your drainage system should be adequately functioning not to have to face moisture issues again even after you have repaired the crawl space. The presence of water gathered in the crawl space where sometimes no way for drainage. In that situation, only the expert waterproofing contractor in Delhi NCR will give you the finest troubleshooting for this unstable situation. They will make sure that the water is expelled from the crawl space and make your area dry out.   

Open vents in crawl space

The air passing or ventilation is necessary for any space, but if it is not managed accurately, the circumstances can be against the area if it is about the crawl space. It is a myth that enabling ventilation by an open vent in the crawl space can combat the moisture in the crawl space, but it generally does the opposite, as it gathers more moisture in the crawl space. Therefore it is suggested to conceal the vents if it is directed to crawl space. You need to protect the crawl space from the rest of the atmosphere to get the best result. Consulting with waterproofing experts is the only way to rectify issues. They are veterans in providing crawl space repair and basement waterproofing methods and techniques to ensure that there would be no availability of moisture, mold, and water infiltration. 

Fiberglass application in the crawl space for insulation 

For insulation, fiberglass is one of the useful materials that is used in homes for insulation. Problems occur when property owners apply fiberglass in crawl space for insulation to save energy. But this is the wrong approach because fiberglass is not applicable for the crawl space. The reason behind it is when the moisture reached an elevated level; the fiberglass gathers water and becomes waterlogged due to the saturated fiberglass can damage your crawl space extensively. Moreover, the damp fiberglass allows enhancement of mold and other harmful bacteria in the crawl space.     

Using Spray Foam Insulation 

Homeowners unknowingly use Spray foam, which in turn collect water when humidity is around. It is generally used in fiberglass to protect the crawl space. It is a kind of unwilling situation where water got stuck between the wall and foam. By happening this thing, it will allow other moisture trouble in the crawl space.


As an expert in waterproofing services, SKC always recommends taking precautions while doing any waterproofing work. Suppose you are not able to handle the situation. In that case, you can contact us for your waterproofing issues. We are always ready to serve you through the best of our knowledge and expertise to rectify the problem and eliminate mold, moisture, and water leakage.

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