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Innovative Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home 2021

living room decorated nicely for diwlai

Now that preparations for Diwali are in full swing. And While Markets are filled with a plethora of decorative items,  it is so easy to buy and put anything in your house isn’t it? No. every home has its own story and personality.

Your home decor reflects your personality. So rather than buy and everything from the market and do not know how to set it up in your house, first read this article to know diwali decoration ideas for home, how you can decorate your house in your own way easily and make it lavish and amazing. 

Every Diwali, you want to do something extraordinary,  create excitement with all the decorations, lights, and fire-crackers. you look forward to it every year. So We are sharing some diwali decoration tips that you can use in your home as well. These are super easy and look fabulous! Let us get started

Diwali Decoration Tips – #1 Get every member involved

Every member of the house has its own place, and because it’s fun to decorate your own place, this is an opportunity and that every member can contribute to the decoration of the house. 

Let everyone come up with their own creativity, be it lighting arrangement, Diya decor, flower decor, indoor plant arrangement, or just new cushions. This is a time where every member of the family is excited and creative. Believe, the efforts are worth it. 

The Head of the house just needs to see that everything looks coherent and not out of place.  While each and everyone doing the fun work and is immersed in festive vibes. It is the responsibility of the head of the family to make sure all the safety measures are in place. 

Precious things should also be kept safe in the hands of the most responsible person in the family. This will not only make preparation easy and stressful but joyful.

How Can You Decorate Your Home at Diwali Step by Step

Main Entrance Decoration for Diwali

The main entrance is the face of the house, however, we want it to look amazing, be conscious it does not look overdone. We can use a few simple things to make the main entrance very welcoming. 

So Let’s start with the Main entrance and exterior of the house following are a few tips you can consider for your main entrance decor::

  •      Make use of extra-long fabric to give it a flowy look hung from the roof and dangle down till the first floor to give it a creative look. Make use of flower hangings in them and use led string light to accentuate the pillars all around the house.
  •     Place small focus lights along with your garden lane,
  •     Accentuate the trees and plants with pixie lights.
  •     You can also add a waterfall stand alone which emanates different shades of lights,
  •     If there is a hallway between the entrance of the house and the main gate, keep the decoration in transitioning style.

For Example, the main gate can be adorned with a flower gate and Diya stands only, and then the hallway is with a simple linear rangoli design along the way to House Door. We can cover the hallway with a ceiling made of led light string and walls with flower strings or vice versa.

  •     At the main door,  make an elaborated rangoli but keep in mind that the guests can easily come and go out without fearing about the rangoli getting distorted.
  •     Keep a tall piece of diya standing in the middle of the Rangoli.
  •     You can keep a Kapoor diffuser at the entrance to make the transitioning phase pleasing.
  •     This is the place where you can make elaborate feet of maa Laxmi as well.

 keep in mind that the movement of the people is easy. The whole decor should be pleasing and not congested or clumsy.

main entrance decoration idea for diwali

Rangoli Ideas – Keep it Simple

Rangoli are made at many spots in the house, Near Pooja Ghar, outside the main door, in the middle of the hall, or landing of the staircase. 

But do consider that designs are kept so they do not block the movement around the place. So look for simple rangoli designs, make use of flowers of different colors to make your rangoli look fresh, fragrant, and natural. Rangoli is the place where Lakshmi’s feet are also made with great joy. 

You can place embellished Diyas within the Rangoli and place smaller ones around the rangoli and finish by making flower boundaries around these days.

rangoli decoration for diwali

Living Room Decoration for Diwali

To give your living room a festive look, you only need to throw in a few extra soft silky and furry cushions on your sofa.

 If you have a new sofa then it must already be shiny otherwise do get your old sofa all cleaned by a professional sofa cleaner well in advance so that your new cushion compliments that well.

For the central table, a short height vase with exotic fresh flowers will do wonders. Diagonal designer table cloths are in the trend. 

Make sure the tablecloth is in contrast to the sofa but matches with cushions and curtains in the room.

Decorate the center table with a floating water diya bowl or just flowers in the bowl, but avoid putting tall objects. 

You can decorate the table with silk or printed beaded clothes. Put new designer coasters and use creative napkin holders

You can also dedicate a small place for idols and diyas by placing a console along the wall or making use of small designer metal or wooden shelves.

The living area is the place most used during Diwali because you are going to welcome your guest here, gifts will be given and received, and snacks, beverages, and sweets too are offered in this place. So keep this area clutter-free.

There should not be any unexpected articles around the place. Don’t keep diya stands or candle stands open. 

For this area, light decor should be on walls or through the ceiling. You can undoubtedly place golden or silver casting mirrors on the walls for a brighter and bigger look.

The living area is a high movement area so place a large single carpet or rug. Try a beautiful flowery printed rug on the floor.

Change the curtains and bind them with beautiful curtain holders. Hang the decorative string at every threshold.

living room decoration ideas for diwali

living room decoration ideas for diwali 2021

Diwali decor for staircase

The easiest and safest way to decor the staircase is the flower on the railing

You can make a small stencil design on the steps and a little bigger rangoli design at the corner of the landing of the staircase.

An indoor huge plant will also make the corners of the staircase lively

Diwali decoration Tips for Kitchen

The kitchen is the place of Lakshmi and Maa Annpurna, make sure you have cleaned each and every corner of the kitchen clean. However, it is always not possible to keep many diyas or make rangoli in the kitchen. But you can do the following for your kitchen

  •     Place scented candles in the corner
  •     Place a set of 3 printed pottery containers in descending sizes. (small or big as per kitchen space)
  •     You can also use wall decals on the blank wall of the kitchens

Make sure you do not overdo anything. Space should look spacious yet vibrant.

Diwali Ready Dining Area 

The dining area needs a little extra decor. With clean dining chairs and tables, the arrangement of food, sweets, and beverages make this area sufficiently decorated, pleasant and aromatic.

 What we can do to give it a Diwali look is to use silver or golden napkin holders, shiny metal or glass crockery, and cutlery. A taller vase in the middle of the table is much to compliment the setting. 

dining table decoration ideas for diwali

Pooja ghar/ Temple area 

Idols make the temple alive. In temples you have to do many arrangements for pooja itself hence there is not much need to decorate it with extra items. So how do we beautify the temples:

  •     Create a staircase arrangement within the temple for keeping idols and Prasadam, use decorative plates for diyas and place.
  •     Decorate the temple inside out with different kinds of flowers.
  •     Place a toran on the ceiling of the temple and place the clean new cloth on the shelves.
  •     Make use of wooden slabs to place Ram mandir and Lakshmi Ganesh in separate places.
  •     Create Flowerbeds for the idols.
  •     You can also make a flower separator between the temple and the place for worshippers.
  •     Use creative backlit jali on the back wall.

pooja ghar decoration tips diwali

Washrooms & Terrace Decoration Tips

Use fragrances, and matching towels and napkins in the washrooms. If space allows, place flower pots on the washbasin top.

Make a sitting arrangement and create a focal area in front of it. To create this focal area you can use stones in different colors and sizes and place the lights here and there. Put an aroma diffuser. You can also place a waterfall here.

Few More Innovative Ideas for Diwali Decoration
  1. Keep toran made of fresh flowers
  2. Make a linear design of rangoli as near the threshold as possible
  3. You can put led lights with profiles to accentuate the staircase outside the house.
  4. The use of flower bowls will bring the aromatic sense to the environment, you can also put floating diyas in these pots 

Diwali is a festival of lights, colors, and joy. It is also a festival of change. So we keep in mind that every corner of our house exudes festive vibes. 

Each and every corner is to be decorated according to its space in the whole setting. It takes little thought and arrangements and lo! our homes are all ready for the day! 

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