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Fridge Repair Cost: What Should I Expect?

fridge repair cost

It is a common sight to see fridges in every household in India. A fridge is a large appliance that stores food and drinks at low temperatures. It is a necessity for most households and can be quite costly to repair or replace. However, a faulty fridge can cause considerable stress and inconvenience for the user.

The cost of a fridge repair in Delhi is a common question many people ask themselves. Several factors affect the fridge repair cost. These include the age and make of your fridge, the problem with your fridge, and whether you need to replace any parts.

What Factors Determine The Cost To Fix Refrigerators ?

Various factors determine the cost of fridge repair in Delhi. These factors include the following:

Nature of Problem: 

Fridge repair cost can vary depending on the nature of the problem in your appliance and its severity. If your fridge is damaged beyond repair, consider replacing it instead of repairing it. 

Choice of Repair Technician: 

Whether you want to get it repaired by an authorized technician or not, they charge more than unauthorized service providers. Or whether you want to use the services of a company. The company you hire for the repairs also affects the fridge repair cost in Delhi. Some companies charge less than others, and some offer better warranties too!

Location, Time, and Skill Required: 

The price of a refrigerator repair can depend on how much time it takes to diagnose and fix the problem, the location, and the skill level required to fix the problem. If you need to replace parts, there will be additional costs. 

Type of Fridge: 

The type of fridge determines how easy it is to repair it. For example, a compressor-driven refrigerator has more complicated components than a standard refrigerator

Fridge Repair Cost in Delhi: 

Ultimately, fridge repair in Delhi is more expensive than repair for a similar model in another city. This is because labor costs are higher, and fewer technicians with expertise on specific models.

What Is The Cost To Fix Refrigerator?

Fridge repair  is a common problem that can be solved with the help of professionals. But the question remains: what does the repair cost? However, there is no fixed or particular answer to the question, as every technician or organization has its own cost. 

Factors such as the type of fridge, the problem, and the company you hire for the job all play a role in determining the fridge repair cost in Delhi. The cost of repairing a fridge can be lesser or higher than replacing one. 

The refrigerator repair cost in Delhi can be analyzed as follows:

ServicesStarts From
Compressor IssueINR 2500
FreezerINR 1800
Leaking WaterINR 1300
Refrigerator Gas FillingINR 1599

Generally, the average refrigerator repair cost is between INR 500 to INR 6,000.

fridge repair cost 1 1
fridge repair cost

What Are The Signs That Indicates The Need For Fridge Repair?

Many different types of damage can be done to a refrigerator. These damages can range from faulty wiring, broken ice-maker or water filter, and even corrosion on the compressor. Other types of damage may not be as noticeable such as rusting or condensation buildup on the evaporator coil and freezer coils. 

It is important to know when your fridge needs repair. The following are some signs that indicate the need for fridge repair in Delhi:

Unusual Sounds coming from the refrigerator: 

If you notice unusual sounds from your refrigerator, it may be a sign of problems. It could be a sign of a faulty compressor or fan motor. You should contact an expert to have it checked out.

Strong odor inside the Fridge: 

This is another sign that you should take note of. If there’s a strong odor inside your refrigerator, then it may be a sign of mold and bacteria buildup on the walls and shelves. You need to clean up the interior as soon as possible and have the refrigerator repaired if necessary.

Leaking of Water or Other Liquids: 

If you see any leaking water or other liquids in your refrigerator, it might indicate that there’s something wrong with its sealant or gasket around its door hinges. This will cause major problems.

Light inside the refrigerator is not working:

It is common for refrigerators to have lights inside. A refrigerator compartment light serves only one purpose: to make it easier for the user to identify items in the refrigerator, but if it becomes faulty and is not repaired, it could cause further damage. It is ideal to have your refrigerator checked immediately when an issue is detected. As a result, complex appliances like refrigerators can develop multiple issues over time. A minor issue like a refrigerator light going out when left unattended can cause a major problem that takes time and money to fix.

Door of the refrigerator does not close properly:

This is usually a result of the refrigerator gasket being faulty. The refrigerator gasket is the rubber seal attached all around the refrigerator door exterior. When the gasket is stiffened due to old age, warped, dirty from spilled or abandoned food particles, or detached, the seal will not effectively hold on to the fridge door firmly. 

Temperature inside the refrigerator is too High or too low:

When the temperature is too high, it could be a result of the evaporator fan motor being damaged or cloggy. And when it is too low, it could result from the seals leaking, or the malfunctioning of the defrost system. Either way, it is a sign that indicates the need for repair.


As highlighted above, there are many reasons why a refrigerator might stop working. The common reasons are power cuts, faulty wiring, faulty thermostat, faulty defrost timer, and so on.

The best way to avoid fridge repair cost and long-term costs of refrigerators is to take care of them from the start. You should maintain your fridge by cleaning it regularly, checking for leaks, and changing the filters on time.

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