Waterproofing Tips

How to Remove the Humidity of the Basement Area

The basement area of the house can give it additional space, it increases the value of your property and normally it is humid than any other area of the house. But this area should be preserved in dry condition. There should not be any sign of damp and must environment because it attracts the humidity formation in the basement which eventually the danger for foundation strength. Apply few effective waterproofing techniques highlighted below which help in removing the humidity of the basement

Basement walls need to be insulated

To eliminate the excess moisture, you need to insulate the basement walls. Insulating walls will help in reducing your electricity bills especially when you are living in cold weather because you don’t have to use a room heater and all that to make you warm. Before doing this process make sure there is no sign of water leakage inside the basement from an exterior atmosphere. Because nobody wants that the moisture can make breeding ground in your walls and insulation.

Pipes also need insulation

Water pipes are the easy source for moisture and especially when pipes get condensation, then moisture naturally formed and start dropping which could be converted into the major water damage in the near future. This is the precautionary waterproofing service, to conceal water pipes with insulation. Foam pipe insulation is affordable and easy for this type of work.

Install gutters and expand downspouts

After heavy rain or failed drainage system, it might be probable that additional water flooded in gutters. If the water dropping off your roof then there is a need to install gutters in order to redirect rainwater to another region. Using downspout expansion ranging from 4 to 6 feet is also a good option. By doing this, the water can be expelled from your home and it will not penetrate your basement at all.

Rectify Foundation water Leakage

The humid atmosphere in the basement would be lethal for your home because it will attract moisture to grow in an excessive manner. There should be no water build up the outer surface of the basement area and foundation. The leaks caused by heavy rain and leaky pipes must be directed from your property to elsewhere. Creating slop is an excellent idea to throw out water away from the house. The slop ideal breadth should be 6 feet and pol sheeting is also good to prevent water.

Detect water leakage problem

Moisture coming to your basement is likely to arrive from a variety of sources. The indoor humidity is one such source. The cold surface of your basement can turn the humidity into the water droplet which unluckily influences the formation of unnecessary condensation. Water leakage is also the source that usually comes inside the basement through small pores and cracks in your in the foundation. If you find that the source of moisture is excess humidity then you should cut down the formation of humidity by applying dehumidifier and other best possible solutions. Even you can take the help of expert waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR because they have the appropriate tools and people to solve your water damage problem within seconds.

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