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Reasons Behind Cracks Which Led the Foundation Leaking

The foundation of a home needs to be strong and stable, but over time, due to wear and tear, they get damaged. It is similar to you are experiencing your life from childhood to old age. Similarly, this kind of weakness appears in foundations. There are many events where there is a possibility of cracks in the foundation.

However, cracks appear in concrete foundation is a usual thing, but still, you cannot overlook it. Moreover, once you see cracks in the foundation, it will likely spread with the changes in temperature and humidity in the atmosphere. Before repairing the foundation cracks, it is crucial to know the reason for the cracks in your foundation so that it would be easy to adopt the appropriate foundation leaking repair method accordingly. 

There is a number of common reasons that lead to foundation cracks: 

Plumbing issues 

Make sure your pipes are not leaking because if your home has pipe leakage, then it will enhance the moisture to the soil adjacent to the foundation of your house. It eventually put force and spread on your foundation. For that, you need to regularly check the plumbing and make certain that there is no plumbing issue attached to your house and somehow you have found the leaky pipes, call a professional plumber immediately without wasting a single minute and get it repair before it gets too late.


The natural calamity of an earthquake is an obvious reason for the crack in the foundation. When an earthquake happens, it is natural that the foundation of the home is trembling, which in result occur cracking and leaking of foundation. It happens because the foundation is not static and well reinforced. As time passes, the foundation becomes declining the firmness because the soil it’s surrounding mutilated by the earthquake. The damage of foundation is calculated on how fast is Seismic wave of the earthquake. Before the construction of your house foundation, make sure to use materials that resist earthquakes so that the damage becomes least as possible. 


Flood in the basement area is also a big concern because it leads the excessive moisture in the area. It is a result of heavy rainfall, failed drainage system, or Leakey pipes. When the water gathered in the basement area leads to the hydrostatic pressure in the earth around the home foundation, and as a result, hydrostatic pressure puts force on the foundation area that leads the cracks in those areas. The best thing to avoid this type of condition, you need to make the area dry and also apply sealant with the help of a capable waterproofing contractor in Delhi by SKC. They are professional people, and they know how to tackle the situation and bring out a solid solution to this unfavorable condition of the foundation. 

Excessive Heating temperature 

During the summer season, the concrete foundation gets stretched due to unbearable heat. The excess heating temperature will lead to cracks in the foundation. The exposure to heat makes the concrete expand its area, but the problem being when it happens on a daily basis, which means that there is a possibility of cracks occurs on the foundation.

High Soil Moisture Level 

The earth around the house foundation is a supporting element, but issues begin when moisture occurs in soil, and it leads to shrinking when moisture is eliminated. If the soil has been dried out, the shrinking of soil can influence to create gaps within the foundation. During heavy rainfall, the soil is likely to spread and put force against the foundation and lead to more compression on it. Eventually, this type of soil temperament and relocation cause cracks in the foundation.   

That is why it is imperative to detect the real reason for these cracks in the concrete foundation, which will aid you in preparing relevant and certain troubleshooting for foundation leaking and cracks.

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