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Rise of Renting Air Conditioners in Gurgaon: Exploring the Trend

Renting Air Conditioners in Gurgaon

Rising temperatures every year reaching record high each summer has made air conditioning a mandatory requirement to survive the scorching heat in many parts of the country. Cities like Gurgaon and Delhi are seeing the worst weather each year with temperatures rising up to 50 ℃ in the hotter months of May and June. Especially in Gurgaon, which has witnessed a considerable rise in terms of population and rental homes due to it becoming a preferred location for many IT and start-up companies to set up base. And as Gurgaon has a lot of factories and manufacturing units in its surrounding parts, it gets even hotter than other nearby cities and towns. With more temporary homes budding in the city in the last decade, more people are preferring to renting air conditioners in gurgaon rather than buying one. Let’s check out the factors impacting the rise in demand for taking AC on rent in Gurgaon.

Impact of Climate on the Necessity of Air Conditioning

It has been statistically proven that urban areas generate more heat than their rural counterparts. Due to the heat absorbing properties of various buildings, roads, infrastructure, lack of green patches throughout the cities, urban spaces experience higher temperatures in summers, making air conditioners an important part of urban homes and offices for a comfortable living.

With increased intensity of heat waves in drier cities and rising humidity in tropical regions along with high temperatures, natural means of cooling down fails to provide relief to people. Hence an air conditioner can maintain proper temperatures inside your homes to give you optimal cooling experience. Cities like Gurgaon see harsh weather in the summers so availing AC on rent in Gurgaon or buying becomes an essential requirement for homeowners and businesses. 

Comparison of Cost Before Renting Air Conditioners in Gurgaon

Though one cannot deny the importance of AC in everyday living spaces to fight the scorching heat of Gurgaon, the fact that an AC is indeed an expensive electrical appliance, cannot be ignored.  Owning an air conditioner can be quite expensive and might topple the average consumer’s budgets. But that certainly doesn’t mean one cannot avail cool and comfortable living experience. With rise in temporary and contractual jobs, relocation has become short term giving way for many service providers offering AC on rent in Gurgaon at affordable prices. Plus it saves the customer from the unnecessary formalities associated with purchasing an AC unit.

Depending on the type of AC and tonnage capacity, the cost of purchasing one can start from Rs.35000 for a window AC to anywhere between Rs.55000- Rs.65000 and might go into 6 figure range based on additional functionalities. In such a scenario, companies are providing rental ACs in gurgaon for as low as Rs.1500 a month for a window ac and between Rs.2500-2700 for renting split ac units. Customers can use it for as long as they require it, freeing them from being stuck with an expensive appliance all throughout the year. Check-out keyvendors for choosing AC rental companies of your preference, in your locality to take AC on rent in gurgaon.

ac on rent in gurgaon

Flexibility in Terms of duration and type of AC Available for Rent

At Keyvendors you can choose from a wide range of AC rental services in gurgaon that lets you select duration of usage and types of AC units you would prefer for your homes. Depending on the size of your room, you can take expert consultation on required tonnage capacity and type of AC unit, whether window or split ac which would provide optimal cooling environment in the house. ACs can be taken on rent for anywhere between one to 6 months or more with one time or monthly payment facilities. Though for rental properties, split AC units are a more viable option, some rental homes do allow window AC if prior window cut-out is present, making it convenient for people living on rent to choose from different available AC units and preferred time-frame. Keyvendors can help you select the AC rental service provider of your choice that can fulfil all your AC rental needs at affordable prices.

Growth in Rental Properties in Gurgaon

An important factor that has led to the rise in taking ACs on rent in Gurgaon is the substantial growth in rental properties in various localities of Gurgaon. Cities like Gurgaon, Greater Noida are one of the top cities seeing exponential rise in house rents year-on-year, with Gurgaon in the lead with a whooping 31.3 per cent growth in 2023 as per the real estate platform Magicbricks’ Rental Update (October- December 2023) report. With gurgaon becoming a preferred choice for IT sectors and manufacturing, pharmaceutical companies looking to set up base, and transition of thousands of employees to Gurgaon every year, rental properties have increased in number substantially. Due to this demographic change, companies saw this as an opportunity to provide  Air conditioners on rent in Gurgaon with flexible payment options and a wide range of models and brands to choose from. 

Integration of Smart Technologies in Rented AC units

With a huge technological advancement in electrical appliances in terms of improved functionalities and newer technological features, renters can experience high quality AC renting experience with integration of smart technologies in rented AC units. Features like remote monitoring and Wi-Fi connectivity in smart ACs, customers can control temperature and settings right from their mobile phones remotely.

The new age smart air conditioner units are much more energy efficient and has in-built technology to optimize cooling levels based on room occupancy, time of the day and outside temperature. This feature positively impacts energy saving costs and lets you enjoy reduced electricity bills for the months of renting AC.The smart ACs can also detect technical faults and run diagnostics internally to ascertain the severity of the malfunction and provide early detection for immediate maintenance. Rental companies provide timely maintenance facilities to the renters to save them from taking any hassles for contacting AC service providers separately.


From the above point of views and information, we can safely conclude that for homeowners living in rental properties in Gurgaon, renting AC is a viable option as compared to purchasing and provides various facilities like ease of payment, duration for rent etc making their home cooling experience effortless and hasslefree. To get amazing offers on AC rental charges around your locality, don’t forget to check out Keyvendors for all your AC rental needs in Gurgaon.

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