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Top 10 Skincare brands in India

top 10 skin care brands in india

Beauty is now not only about external makeup and overhauling; it is more than maintaining skin health consistently. When you are fit and fine, your skin will naturally glow.  Apart from a workout, one must focus on a balanced and nutritious diet to stay beautiful. But moreover, it is also essential to use organic, natural, and chemical-less skincare products to boost the skin’s beauty. Today we will come up with the list of the Top 10 skincare brands in India  the beauty products of these brands, and natural, ayurvedic, and skin-friendly. 

  1. Colorbar 

Colorbar is a brand that claims it is available for all genders. Their products are cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare. Their goal is always to provide quality services and solutions to end users by discovering new and top-notch cosmetics throughout the world. Their product ranges are continuously evolving and improved for their customers’ comfort

Their optimum practice and endeavor has created 3rd position in the biggest beauty products brands in India. 

  1. Himalaya

Himalaya is also a credible brand for skin care products. The beauty goods and healthy skin kits they offer have natural excellence. It is renowned for its selection of products for skin susceptible to breakouts. Furthermore, they produce superior female lotions to treat blemishes and acne. One can discover neem as an ingredient in their goods. Women widely appreciate Neem Face Wash/Cleanser.

Lotion, suncream, cleansers, serums, and facial cleansers are beauty products. They also provide inexpensive skin care kits in addition. The Himalayan goods aid the set against the backdrop washes components and neem use as a natural cleaner. All skin types can utilize these items and have no destructive impacts on greasy skin.

  1. Lotus Herbals

India’s top manufacturer of organic skincare is Lotus Herbals. Rather than artificial, additives-composed, and brutally animal-based products, their goods are made using natural substances. Cosmetic substances, which emphasize an integrative method of producing product lines, contain herbal infusions that preserve, heal, and strengthen hair and skin. Lotus Herbals is a company that sells it all, from facials to hair care products to aesthetics, providing and guaranteeing goods at cheaper rates.

  1. Olay

Olay is also one of India’s significant skin care product lines and has a vast customer base. Olay’s efficiency and skin-friendly cosmetic products have made it the top choice for females. Additionally, such goods’ prices are comparatively lower than their market counterparts. Natural material and helpful for all types of skin to absorb such products create an excellent space for Olay to conquer the beauty market. Even when you book a salon at home in Delhi from Keyvendors, many beauticians use these products for their skin’s long-lasting glow and health.

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  1. Mama Earth

Another well-known skincare line from India is Mama Earth, which offers premium organic components at a low cost. The company gives excellent cosmetic products both for men and women, in addition to fantastic customer service, Thanks to its dedication to providing elevated products at a minimal cost.  A range of cosmetic products are also available for both men and women in the company’s wide selection of products.

  1. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar cosmetic is probably one of the rapidly mounting cosmetic brands in India. The good thing about this brand is that it is based in India. Moreover the founder of Sugar cosmetics is a renowned entrepreneur Vineeta Singh and she is the IIM Ahmedabad alumni. She has also appeared in India’s first reality show based on backing new entrepreneurs Shark Tank India. It has gained popularity since the launch of sugar cosmetics in 2015. There is a huge demand for sugar cosmetics among girls.

  1. L’Oréal, 

L’Oréal, one of the world leaders in cosmetics, is synonymous with beauty and innovation. They deliver excellent products from their starting price range to their high-end professional products. They have a massive line of makeup, hair care, and skincare products, suitable for every skin and hair type.

  1. Nykaa

Naykas requires no fame as it has already acquired fame for its hair, makeup, cosmetics and all types of beauty products. It is a successful ecommerce business and the company is the brainchild of Falguni Nayar. The founding year of the company is 2012 and it is located in Mumbai. The company deals in fashion accessories, wellness and beauty products.. Nykaa has more than 100 outlets and it has already become the first Indian startup to gain Unicorn in 2020 by a lady. 

  1. Mac Cosmetics

Due to its dedication to offering elevated solutions at fair costs, Mac Cosmetics is an exceptionally renowned skincare company. Users may easily pick the appropriate lipsticks, foundations, moisturizers and other skin cosmetics for their skin. The company has the origin in America and Mac stands for Make-Up Art Cosmetics.

  1. VLCC

Due to its low prices and extensive selection of beauty products, VLCC is a particularly well-known skincare manufacturer in India. The firm also produces a collection of non-toxic, skin-centric, and suitable beauty solutions. Products include moisturizers, serums, conditioners, face creams, and other personal care products. One can select the excellent solution for their needs from the company’s extensive selection of products.

Final Thoughts

Top 10 skincare brands in India  include ayurvedic, clinical, and aesthetic brands. Various types of skin can also be treated with these solutions. Both men and women can benefit from it in their daily routines. As well as this, make sure you include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also Ensure that you consume sufficient water as well. Meanwhile, if you want an excellent, simple, and quick salon at home in Delhi, kindly consider Keyvendors.

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