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9 Different Types Of Leather Sofas: Trending In 2023

Types Of Leather Sofas

Leather has many uses and it is broadly used in making jackets, gloves, upholstery, couches, sofa, and many more. You can use leather items all day long if you so wish. Their arch support is excellent regardless of the circumstances; they retain their shape over time

You can’t be sure of a quality leather sofa until you have compared it to other brands. You want value for money. Knowing the correct qualities and how they should feel is as important as selecting a new one. Here we have discussed types of leather sofas that are trending in 2023.

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Full-Grain Leather Sofas

Full-grain leather also referred to as luxury leather denotes a fabric that is made of animal fibers or hides, like the one used to make your sofa. The texture of the soft and dense form of the leather makes it strong, durable, and supple. Full-grain hides take years more to produce than other types of hides and that is why full-grain leather 

While the quality of full-grain leather can fluctuate depending on the many influences involved in its production, you will usually see this type of leather in high-end products that require quality and longevity.

Hide processing is an expensive process, and when done incorrectly, it can lead to hiding shrinkage, stitching breakdowns, increased smells, and storage issues. A leather couch can be made from any piece of full-grain leather. 

Spots and blemishes on it will not make the couch dull. The red, brown, or black leather color will age more gently over time and look better ever more striking. It is dense and fatty leather, despite of long-lasting features, it is more pricey than other leather fabrics.

full grain a types of leather sofa

Top-Grain Leather Sofas

Top-grain leather is sometimes referred to as a refined grain. It is extremely soft, has a smooth surface, and can be buffed, polished or waxed as desired. Despite the name, some popular brands of top-grain leather do not use the natural suede skin structure of the hide in their production process. Top-grain leather has an aged appearance with a slightly mature and refined feel. The natural texture starts to lose its “softness” as it ages.

Top grain leather is also known as corrected grain and it is second after full grain when quality is concerned. However, it is merely softer than full-grain with an additional lustrous look 

top grain a types of leather sofa

Split Leather Sofas

The leftover fabrics after extraction of top-grain leather are useful to make split leather. It is more tough and fragile in nature than full-grain leather which is why it comes at a lower cost. However, that doesn’t mean it is not leather, even if it is complete leather. If you use it for a longer time, it is vital to conduct frequent sofa dry cleaning services maintenance and care. 

At the first split, leather appears separate from full-grain. It comes generally in light shades and is opaque on both edges similar to suede. The quality of split leather is lesser than both full and top grain leather. It is an extremely processed and affordable choice for the top and full-grain leather. 

split a types of leather sofa

Suede Leather Sofa

Suede is a class of animal hides. Suede is the name of a natural product made from the skin, or tanned skin, of cows, sheep and other ruminant animals.  It is a leather variety that has snoozed furnishing. 

It is ideal for making furniture, boots, shirts, and jackets. Contrary to top grain leather, suede is extracted from the internal edges of the skin which makes this fabric extra gentle and lower in longevity. The primary use of such leather is to make lady’s gloves. 

Suede is less durable leather that you can use for saddlebags. It does not absorb stains or shows signs of wear with regular use

suede a types of leather sofa

Nubuck Sofas

Nubuck leather comes under the top grain animal hide leather that gets polish and varnish on the grain edge to provide it with velvet and a similar appearance such as suede. Since the outer side gets sprinkled with a furnishing element, it gets an additional unchanging presence. Nubuck is a decent fabric for sofa, but the sad part is that it is not preventive to stains and patches; hence you need to take care of it rigorously. 

The cost of Nubuck is lower compared to full-grain leather. Still, the fabric is highly subtle and needs extra attention and upkeep to retain quality for a long time.  Clean the Nubuck sofa with a solvent that has waterproof adhesive and chemicals, avoid using water-based chemicals. 

nubuck a types of leather sofa

Faux Leather or Bonded Leather Sofas

A faux leather phone case will look very similar to its real-life counterpart and lasts quite a while. Unlike most other kinds of synthetic leather, faux leather stays in great shape when exposed to harsh environments like sunlight. 

The material is also resistant to weather-damaged conditions and environmental problems that can impact other materials in the long run. It is a synthetic alternative to real leather. The synthetic fabric mimics the natural look and feel of genuine leather.

However, it has some demerits such as Bonded or Faux leather is a cut-rate synthetic leather option. The quality of this leather is subordinate to other leather and the material can appear lustrous or bogus.

faux a types of leather sofa

Aniline Leather Sofas

Aniline leather has a distinctive, smooth grain that also makes it a wonderful fabric. Because it can display flaws and blemishes, natural color variations will appear on the hide that match the dye used. The top hides are dyed with natural colorants, which may cause the hides to produce a spectral reflection of the markings. 

Using the aniline technique, leather can be dyed with a variety of colors and finished with an extremely non-toxic and naturally protective finish. These types of bright & colorful products are not the greatest choice for kids living in apartments or small spaces where replicas would cause stains because of preventive furnishing shortages. 

aniline a types of leather sofa

Semi-Aniline Leather Sofas

Semi-aniline, or protected aniline, cowhide is dyed in a batch and afterward given a light coating of shielding to give it a minor discoloration and durability benefit over aniline leather. With one significant exception, semi-aniline leather is produced similarly to its full-aniline equivalent. 

The distinction is that only a tiny quantity of coloring is used to produce a semi-aniline dye that is used to create semi-aniline leather. As a result, the material will be colored more evenly than complete aniline leather. Additionally, compared to full aniline leather, semi aniline leather is more staining and wear-resistant while maintaining the inherent patterns that are prevalent in the leather.

semi aniline a types of leather sofa

Pigmented Leather Sofas

Pigmented leather is leather that has color applied to the exterior only, as opposed to being dyed inside. Although the coloring isn’t as vivid, this technique conceals faults and offers durability.

While selecting a leather sofa, take into account your preferred fabric. A wrong move is cowhide which is very slick or glossy. The leather that seems aged and unfinished is a suitable choice because it is more probable to be real leather.

pigmented a types of leather sofa

Ending Note: Types Of Leather Sofas

Only thoroughly processed animal skins can create the worn and sophisticated character that suede develops by deteriorating throughout the age. Bloated fashions have a charming, well-preserved antique aesthetic after several years of weathering.

You may need to consider buying a used item if you want a leather couch with a faded, pleasant appearance of vintage. Search for used leather couches that are still in decent shape. A nice leather couch may frequently be acquired for less expense.

While searching for leather sofas, you may also run throughout the words aniline, semi-aniline, and dyed. These words describe the leather’s dyeing process or if a waterproof coating has been placed. It influences the leather’s structure, which in turn has an impact how comfortable the couch is to lie upon.

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