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    In summers, air causes many discomforts as the soaring high temperatures tend to cause sweating and a lot of discomforts. Summers are associated with the hot sun above your head, and the only relaxation and refreshment everyone gets is through cold drinks and air conditioners. Air Conditioners help maintain the thermal equilibrium, so it is the preferred choice to bear the painful summers and hot winds. It is essential to maintain your AC's health so that it can serve you well during adverse hot conditions. Living in a country like India, where the majority of the year is packed with summers, AC becomes the only savior. In a breakdown situation, you need to hire AC Repair Service in Delhi and get superb service at your doorstep.

    The Top Seven Causes Of Air Conditioner Problems

    Like every other machine, Air conditioners can also suffer through the same fate and encounter some problems. It is a widespread problem that your air conditioner is not cooling correctly, and it generally happens because of the following seven issues::

    • The condenser is loaded with dirt and debris: One of the primary reasons why the air conditioners do not cool the room properly is because its condenser coils are filled with dirt and debris, forming a layer of the brown hairy patch over it. The major work of a condenser coil is to dissipate the heat comprising of carbon dioxide outside the room and, in turn, cooling the room in the process. The less effectively they work, the less effectively they cool your room. In some cases you're the air condenser of your AC might even bring your room to the right temperature late than it usually does, but in this process, it expends more energy than it generally uses. This greater energy consumption leads to high energy bills. In worst-case scenarios, the dirty coils can overheat your system and cause it to shut down entirely without cooling your home.
    • Your AC is suffering through some coolant problems: The coolant is regarded as the lifeline of any AC. The AC coolant is responsible for dissipating the heat energy outside the home and cooling the house's interiors. The coolant is present inside a closed-loop to maintain its toxicity and generated heat inside the circle. The life of an AC unit is still the time the AC unit is working. There can be leaks in the coolant because the outdoor evaporator lines are worn out or damaged. These leakages are not only hazardous for your AC units but also for humans. It would be best if you get it rectified without having a second opinion. Even if the coolant is not suffering from any leakage, it is still not working up to the mark, then you should call upon any professional's help.
    • The clogged air filters make your energy bills read higher digits: This is one of the common reasons why your air conditioners work harder than they should and then result in a breakdown. If the air filter is clogged with dirt, debris, dust, and other things, the coolant cannot transfer the cool air to the thermostat. In modern air conditioners, the air filters are generally reusable and can be cleaned easily. Also, once the air filters get clogged, the AC prompts it. If the air filter is cleaned once every month, one can easily counter this problem.
    • The thermostat is defective or faulty: Majorly, the problems are generally because of the system's lack of maintenance or any fault. However, the issue is often with the thermostat, which is actually sending the false temperature readings to the air conditioner. The thermostat generally functions in two ways. First that it tells the air conditioner that the room is cool enough when it is no. This leads to the air conditioner not responding to the room's hot temperatures, and no cooling occurs. The other process is when the thermostat tells the air conditioner that the room is hot when it is freezing. The air conditioner, in turn, starts to drop the temperature to an already cool room. If there is any wiring problem with your air conditioner and thermostat or your thermostat is non-responsive, you must call professionals.

      The compressor has turned faulty: The compressor is one of the central cooling systems of the AC. It is responsible for flexing the coolant and circulating the air to the coils and then to the evaporator. If the compressor turns faulty, then the AC is not able to cool the room.

    • A small or an oversized air conditioner: If your AC unit is small enough for your room, it probably doesn't cool the room properly. With a large unit, it will cool your room fast and then shut down.

    • The temperature outside is very high: If you are bearing through the high-end summers, then your AC is probably not working efficiently.

    Best Ways to Prevent Your AC from Prominent Problems

    Like all the other machines, AC cannot function without any servicing and maintenance, which is why it is generally advised to get it serviced before the start of every season. This is said to be vital as it increases the efficiency of your AC's functioning and decreases the amount on your energy bills. If any part of the AC turns faulty, it affects the functioning of other parts as well. This not only increases the chances of any mishap or any electrical disturbance occurring, but it also makes you breathe in the contaminated and toxic air, which can cause severe respiratory and health problems.

    For a similar reason hiring an AC professional or expert to work through our system is highly advised. Getting an AC repair in Delhi is one of the easiest tasks if you hire certified and the right people. One of the best agencies to help you with your AC service in Delhi is the Key Vendors.

    Since your AC is the only medium through which you can enjoy some quality and comfortable hours in your house in summers, it is very important that you get it checked properly and that too from experts. It has been reported that people who get their air conditioners repaired and maintained frequently experience an overall increase in the efficiency of their AC and also pay less energy consumption bills.

    If you want to prevent your AC from any significant problems, then hiring Key Vendors for AC repair service in Delhi is one of the best choices. You should also imbibe by the following points to ensure the health of your air conditioner. These include:

    • The primary concern is the keep the air filters clean and free from any debris and dust. Any professional that provides their Ac repair services in Delhi knows that many AC problems arise due to the not cleaning of the air filters, and so it is crucial to maintain clean and clog-free air filters. The air filters should be checked and cleaned every month.
    • The best Air conditioning repair service in Delhi is provided by the Key Vendors' experts, who have several certified and experienced personnel to indulge in these services. Although an air conditioner's basic machinery remains the same, still the servicing of an AC differs from company to company. We at Key Vendors maintain a different pool for our technicians who know about repairing particular company AC. This is what makes us different and helps us provide quality services.
    • No air vents should be blocked. While the AC unit is installed, it is necessary to keep the air vents as vast and comprehensive as possible. If the air vents are blocked or clogged for any reason, the hot air won't pass out and keep building inside the room or the AC unit.

      Check for any leakages. Leaking through the compressor or any air filter can also be a significant reason for the malfunctioning or inefficient functioning of your AC to make sure that no such thing occurs

    • Always keep the area around the AC unit clean and open. People generally crowd the top of the AC or the area around it with things, which also results in a problem with the AC. The area around the unit should be open to passing out hot air easily.


    Advantages of Hiring Professional AC Repairing Service in Delhi

    It is always best to let the things be studied by the people who hold experience in handling such items, and the same goes with your air conditioner. Indulging in a routine checkup of your air conditioning unit helps you to understand the minute problems with your AC before they turn out to become big.

    • It decreases your energy bills: When a professional is hired for Air conditioner repair in Delhi, he studies the fault and fixes it. Generally, when a part turns out to be faulty, it starts using energy more than required, leading to increased energy bills. This cost is reduced or nullified if it is maintained regularly.
    • Servicing increases the efficiency of your AC: When the fault in the ac s repaired by air conditioner repair services in Delhi, the efficiency and the lifespan of your AC alleviates. Routine checkup helps to clear the unit of any minute faults and repairs and increases the window life of your AC.

    • Prevents any big electrical mishap from occurring: If the AC is not checked routinely, it fixes any small bug issues with the air conditioner. This is good not only for your AC but also to prevent any fault from going unnoticed and turning into a giant electrical blunder.
    • The amazing air conditioning service in Delhi also improves the quality of air. An air conditioner functions to provide you with cool air and clear the indoor air of any dust and pollutants, and So if you're AC is not functioning correctly, it will only pollute the air inside your house more and, in turn, lead to serious health problems? So it is generally advised to call a professional for a routine checkup.

    • It helps your AC provide consistent cooling: If summers are not complemented with cool air and air conditioners, this generates a lot of frustration. Regular maintenance of your AC makes it function consistently and, in turn, bless you with some good quality hours at your home.
    • It reduces High AC maintenance expenses: Many people do not get their air conditioner serviced because this would result in expenditure. But if there is a fault with your AC and it is not fixed, then this results in a significant pay cut for any big flaw in your air conditioner.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioning and Service

    Many questions concern a customer, and they generally ask the experts about it. These include the following:

    How to know if my AC service and repair are under warranty or not?

    Different companies have different warranty cards that define the number of years you will not be charged for your AC service and maintenance. However, whenever you buy an AC, you are given a warranty card in which the purchase date is marked. The number of years for warranty is checked from that. The warranty is different on different parts of the AC, and you have to check that before with the dealer.

    Is a Service call to the Key Vendors free?

    Yes, any customer who calls to register their request with us can do it free of cost. We do not ask for any payment for the service call. Once the technician is assigned to your location and opens your air conditioner, and fixes it, you have to pay. The service charges along with any tax have to be paid then.

    If the AC's outdoor system is being replaced, then do I have to change the indoor system as well?

    In most cases, if the outdoor system is replaced, the indoor is also changed due to mechanical designs and design advances.

    Is it important to indulge in the regular maintenance of my unit?

    Machines tend to get weary when they are in continuous use, and for a similar reason, your air conditioner can also suffer through many problems. It is generally advised to get your AC regularly maintained in your home comfort zone.

    My AC system is freezing up; why?

    Only experienced AC professionals can trace The exact cause of the air conditioner system freezes just. However, it can result from the clogging of the air filters, low refrigerant or leakage in their lines, the evaporator coil being dirty and clogged, or the defective blower or motor or relay.

    Are all the air filter systems the same?

    No. Different companies have different pores and sizes of the air filters, and even other systems of the same company can have additional air filters. The primary aim of an air filter is to suck every dust and debris of the indoor air. You must clean your air filters once every month.

    How long is the Ac going to last?

    Well, if the machine is regularly maintained, then it can last for around 15 years. However, due to the rising summer temperature, the AC does not last more than seven to ten years. To increase its efficiency, the expert should follow practices like cleaning of air filters, checking on your unit now and then, and many more of such activities. The Best Air Conditioner Service According To the Customers Is the KeyVendors

    How much time it takes to repair AC 

    Whether it is a minor or major issue in AC, an average time to repair AC is between 2 to 6 hours. However, repair time depends upon the complexity of your AC. Some critical defects in AC can take 24 hours, but not more than that. However, a capable AC repair specialist can tell AC repair's exact time according to the AC condition.

    How long It Will Take To Replace the AC compressor? 

    The AC compressor change requires 1.5 hours to 2 hours. However, in this duration, cleaning time and recharge time are not included. The opening and conductor is an extra element to be changed. The AC unit needs cleaning to eliminate debris and dust.

    What Do You Mean By HVAC? 

    HVAC means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. This machine brings cooling and heating to the home and work area. HVAC is used everywhere, from a residential apartment to an effective commercial plan. HVAC system has the primary objective to provide environmental relaxation to the users.

    What Type of Maintenance Require for HVAC unit?

    If you want to keep your HVAC performance last longer, it is best to conduct preventive maintenance service. You can choose for HVAC AMC services. The frequent maintenance will; not online increase your machine performance, but it will also help in hassle-free running. Off-season maintenance is also essential. Spring and fall are the best seasons to service your HVACV unit.

    How can I enhance the performance of my HVAC?

    Open and clean your vents

    Repair all leaks under doors, attic, and surrounding of the window

    Don't keep heat-generating things besides the thermostat.

    Sanitize condenser unit externally

    Get affordable AC AMC Services at Keyvendors.

    How to Eradicate Odor from an Air Conditioner (indoor)?

    First of all, turn off AC thoroughly safely perform all types of maintenance.

    Now replace the Air Filter.

    Clean Condenser and Evaporator Coil

    Why does the AC filter need to replace frequently?

    AC filter is responsible for making you cool every time, but we cannot afford to forget to replace it from time to time. The dust and grease present in air vents can cause low performance, health risks bad Odor. It can cause an allergic reaction to the homeowner. AC filter change is also essential to keep up the AC performance and low consumption of electricity.

    When you find your AC is not cool enough, Ac filter breakdown might be the reason. The AC's backside is hot, and the filter gets dirty, and you might feel warm air; that is why AC filter replacement is essential.

    Can we operate the air conditioner for 24 hours?

    No, the expert says that we should not run AC for 24 hours. It can consume high electricity power and bill. Moreover, if you turn on your AC round the clock, it put pressure on motors and other components. The ideal run time for AC is 8 to 9 hours in a day.

    How many hours should AC run in a day?

    Expert recommends that you should run your AC on an average of 8 to 9 hours

    Why is my AC making noise?

    The most fundamental reasons for AC making noise are:

    Coils are damaged

    Incorrect AC installation

    Loose part fitting

    Air filters are dirty

    Ducts are crashed and wrong duct design

    Power problem

    Fan issue

    Belt and bearing problem

    What is the right temperature of AC?

    Many AC Pro has suggested keeping AC on 24 to 26-degree centigrade.

    What is the average cost of AC gas Refilling/ Charging?

    The average cost of AC Gas depends on AC type. There is no fixation of rates in the Gas filling. However, Ac gas for 1.0 ton to 1.5 ton comes to nearly Rs. 2699(price can vary). For 2.0 Ton AC, it is approximately Rs. 2999(Price can vary)

    Why My AC is not cooling? 

    There might be few reasons behind Ac's failure in bringing cool air.

    Broken compressor

    The refrigerant level is low.

    Defected motor

    Condenser issue

    The dirty evaporator coils

    Wrong thermostat configuration

    Air filters are dirty.

    Call Keyvendors AC experts, and they will tell you the exact reason behind your AC is not a cooling issue. Moreover, they will work on fault and repair instantly with the right techniques and tools.

    Why AC is blowing hot air 

    Common reasons for Ac blowing warm air

    Airflow is blocked due to no replacement, dirty coil, and many more.

    The compressor of the AC has a low refrigerant level.

    The thermostat is not installed correctly inside AC.

    The external unit is not receiving an electric current.


    Hire Reputed AC Repair Expert Here in Delhi

    Everybody loves to enjoy some good hours under some cool breeze and not under the hot sun and winds. If you are thinking of getting your Ac repaired or maintained and you have had a hard time doing so then the only place that you can trust is the Key Vendors. If Ac repair and maintenance is on your mind then Key Vendors is the right name for it. 

    We provide top-notch, quality services to our clients and customers because we know that this is the only way in which our business can proliferate. With utmost customer satisfaction and reviews, Key Vendor serves to the best amongst all such agencies. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go for saying “Yes” to the best platform to find out the right AC service provider to get your AC fixed within a short span of time. The professionals are here to bring the best service for you.