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Difference Between a Residential Interior Designer and Commercial /Office Interior Designer

Indisputably interior designing is an artwork that indulges in space designing, color selection, furniture setting, lighting fixtures, architectural modeling, and many other essential aspects. There are mainly two types of interior designers. One is a residential interior designer, and another one is a commercial interior designer. There are some significant difference in these two categories of interior designing, which are as follows:-

  • When designing the office/commercial area, the interior designer makes sure that the construction is functional and showcases the companies’ brand image. On the other hand, while designing the residential interior, the designer work on preference, choice, and recommendation of clients.
  • A home interior designer is involved in designing homes, including flats, apartments, buildings, and all related to residential property. In contrast, office/commercial interior designing indulged in designing commercial buildings and offices.
  • The residential interior designer in Delhi ensures that a living space looks elegant, convenient, and aesthetic. On the other hand, office interior designing is all about looking professional and formal in any way.
  • The role of interior decorators is more in home interior designing. At the same time, if you want office/commercial design, then you should hire a commercial interior designer having respective certification and experience in the commercial interior designing sector. Interior designers can be interior decorators. But interior decorators can only be interior designers if they have a certificate and knowledge of building codes and other important things related to interior design.
  • If we talk about home interior design accessories, it comprises wall lights and furniture, tea-lights, candlesticks, wall hooks, lampshades, and all that. Office interior accessories are working table and desk, modular partitions, wall desk, visual boards, hooks and racks, display cases, etc.

Interior designing is an art. 

As it is already stated that interior designing is an artwork that has versatile codes and standards for furnishing, equipping, designing, proficient creativity of interior spaces. In this art, architectural drawing and model, graphic designing, space designing, lighting fixture, wall partition if needed, furniture installation, and all involved.

Interior designing has the power to depict one’s feelings through creativity. It is the best medium to reflect your business goals and principles. Interior designing is the best way to showcase new designing trends in marketing in designing for different interior design spaces.

Whether it is a commercial interior designer in Delhi or a home interior designer, few things are common in both sections; they provide aesthetic rich and functionally organized space to their clients.

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