Waterproofing Tips

How to Keep Moisture Out Of Reach from Your Residence

Monsoon is a fun way of entertaining the rain with tea chicks in all the pleasant months of the year. But some losses have to be borne in this season, especially our house. This is the time when there are many problems in the home, such as moisture, fungus, and leakage, which make big trouble for those living in the house.

It is imperative to take precautionary steps to prevent moisture to enter your home.  Have a glance on some remedies

The main causes of moisture

Moisture that appears in the walls of the house, roofs, kitchen, or bathroom is not seen only due to rain but also responsible for groundwater that is rising above the walls on the building. 

This problem occurs if the DPC (Damp proofing code) is not done properly while building the house. Similarly, if the cracks remain on plastering on the walls, the rainwater gets spreading inside them only, which causes the cause of moisture. Apart from this, there is no leakage in the kitchen or toilet pipeline. It also gets dampness.

Before building a new house

In a newly built house, do not forget to get a dump proofing code in it. If the basement is in the building, then it is very important to have a water-finish. The main cause of leakage is groundwater. If groundwater climbs on a wall, then it climbs over the whole building.

Nowadays, the PVC pipe takes place in homes, so the risk of moisture from pipe has decreased. But groundwater only causes more moisture.

Plaster waterproofing compound of exterior walls should be done by putting it, which should be at least 15mm.

Rescue measures

First of all, it is important to find out the reasons for the seal so that it can be prevented from the right place. There are two ways to detect seal. The first is that the water tank should be filled with a little water and mixed in the cloth; the needle should be mixed and left for two days. When the tank water comes into the house, the blue color will appear on the leakage place. This will know the exact location of the leakage. If rain is water, then it comes from the cracks of the outer walls, which can be fixed by getting the proper plaster. Appointing a licensed waterproofing contractor for this work is also a smart step.

There are many Waterproofing chemicals and products which are very effective in avoiding moisture. There are also three different ranges – one that is applied like direct paint. This is called waterproofing forest and waterproofing to compound. The second thing is LW Plasto, which is plastered by adding inside the cement, and the third is the epoxy. It is also in the form of paint, which is like a little plastic. This does not come in cracks and decreases the risk of moisture.

Check the plaster of outer walls in this season. If the cracks are visible, then make plaster again. Apply the putty before the plaster. When the plaster is done, then mix the waterproofing compound in it.

Before you get painted, pay attention to the plaster of the walls before you pay attention. Paint it after its cracks are made. The cracks of the outer walls will be fine; the waterproof paint done on them works extra protection.

The right time to paint

The weather is all right for painting, but the right time is the heat because three layers are mounted to paint, and putty is put before it, which is called wall care putty. It dries quickly in the summer season. Indeed, one layer is raised over one to save labor time. In such a case, if one layer is not dried and second, then there is the fear of being cracked. In the summer season, the paint quickly gets dry, and the layer becomes completely fixed. If at that time a crack is seen in it, then he can repair it only. 

Although paint and polishes also cause moisture, this happens during the rainy season because there is moisture inside the paint or polished, which then shows the dampness. The waterproofing service in Delhi NCR will make sure that everything should be implemented accurately to safeguard the residential property from moisture.

If there is a dampness in your house, do not panic then water falling compounds come to this, which includes instant waterproofing compound and which also gives effective results by applying wet walls, because this instant works. Hope all above information will help you to prevent your home from moisture; however, you can get the consultation from waterproofing experts at Keyvendors.


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