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Top 10 Questions to Ask before Hiring a Waterproofing contractor

Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waterproofing contractor

The basement area is undoubtedly the central area of the house and it should be maintained regularly. But what happens when you find that your basement is getting moisture and due to that there is a sign of mold growth. Moisture, water damage, and mold growth can be lethal for the foundation of the house and I will lead major structural damage therefore to avoid this situation, you should hire an expert waterproofing contractor without wasting a single minute, but before hiring, there is some important question, you minute ask the company or individual which is to be hired to apply waterproofing solution to the basement area or other affected area of your house.

These 10 questions are described as follows

How much experience do you have in this business?

Well, this is definitely a significant question, which you should ask the company or person, whoever you are hiring. You need to ask them how long they have been doing business. If they are doing for a long time, it means they have ample years of experience and also make sure to ask them about their client lists and project that have dealt with so far. It will give you accurate information about the company approach and working style. After getting this question answered by them, make the decision as per your wisdom or according to their answers.

Do you have a license to do the business and do you provide insurance to your employee

It is necessary to know that the respective waterproofing company has a license to perform the business allotted by the State or union government of the country in which the company is located. Moreover, ask them whether they are giving insurance cover to each employee in case of any physical damage or health risk during the work.

What types of solutions are you providing?

There is a varied number of solutions waterproofing contractors are offering to combat the water damage in which driveway drains, re-grading, stairwell drains, sump pumps, crack and structural repair, downspouts, erosion control, waterproofing membranes, window well, and French drains. Some company specialized in interior waterproofing service and some are giving exterior waterproofing, however there also some waterproofing company which is offering both types of solutions. If your space is having moisture, mold growth, water seepage, water flooding, or crawl space errors, consult a company that can address issues of the water damage you are facing.

What is the reason behind water damage?

There are several reasons for water problems such as high water tables, poorly installed sump pumps, leaky pipes, hydrostatic pressure, water seepage, mold growth, and moisture. A reputed waterproofing service provider will first inspect the affected space and then find the real source of water damage and after getting the real cause of water problem, they will plan or implement the waterproofing solution accordingly.

What type of solution do you suggest?

After analyzing the space water damage, ask your waterproofing expert: what will be the ideal waterproofing solution for the said water problem and why it is the most effective to tackle the current problem. It needs to be clear in your mind that why the waterproofing expert is recommending you the waterproofing solution and are long terms consequences of the application of the solution. Ultimately you want t make sure that the suggested waterproofing solution will be the remedy of your water problem and this definitely depends upon the skills and wisdom of waterproofing company or specialist.

Do you offer a warranty? If yes then what type of warranty do you offer?

Make sure to ask our waterproofing service provider to provide the details of the warranty they are giving to the customer as well as their labor both. Ask about the warranty covers, how long the work will last. It is important to check that the waterproofing company is proving warranty y and if there are any additional charges for charges and material in this warranty period. This is essential to know that the company stands by its commitment and customer satisfaction

Does the work affect my home?

Waterproofing might be disordered, so you need to make sure what the waterproofing company is exactly doing to your home while equipping the suggested solution. There might be some repair work that will be extended to the other part of your home

It is obvious when waterproofing starts some of the change might take place to your home. For example, if the waterproofing company is installing interior waterproofing then the drainage system adjacent to the foundation system will be rectified and for that, it will need concrete slab cutting. It eventually means there might be the possibility of slight repair of the floor. Instruct waterproofing experts that, don’t overdo the task in order to save the structure in its real shape.

What is the estimated budget of the waterproofing service?

The most important thing to ask the estimated budget of the whole waterproofing task. If the quotation and timeline suit then you can proceed further for the waterproofing. Ask them about the accept mode of payment, online, cheque, cash, or others.

Does the budget include any hidden or additional costs?

While having the waterproofing, it might be possible that the cost can expand because of repair, so you need to be prepare already if the estimated budget become overshoots and ask about your waterproofing expert that if there is any additional cost is include in case of repairs and other incongruities,

Can you provide customers feedback?

Well, this is a deciding factor and you can ask them unhesitatingly about the honest customer’s feedback. They will provide you the same because innocent have nothing to fear and recognition comes from the heart. If you see that most of the reviews are positives and people are praising their service then without a doubt you can count on the respective waterproofing company so that you can also get their well know and trusted services.

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