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Top 3 Effective Basement Waterproofing Methods

Nothing can more disastrous than a water flooded basement for a homeowner and it is found that sometimes, even a tiny pore or hole on the floor is the cause behind water intrusion. If you see a small wet patch, then it alarming sign of a much larger problem for you in the future. Dampness present in your basement and lead you to the huge expenses you are going to spend on repair and prevention. IT can also bring several hazardous such as water in the basement, structural damage, clogged area, toxic mold, bad odor, and more. So it is important to keep your basement dry and prevent any type of water infiltration. Before knowing how to prevent your basement from water penetration

Causes of Basement Moisture?

If you can identify the cause of the moisture in the ground, you will be able to ta precautionary steps to combat the moisture entrance into the property. There is always a profound inspection of where the water is coming from. Unluckily homeowners are not experts in this job, so there is a need for a waterproofing expert to deal with this kind of problem. There are some causes of basement moisture and that is:


Basemen are is always sensitive in terms of catching the dampness easily and things get worse when condensation arrives because it may carry out the mold, mildew, and probable mutilation to the basement.

Cracks present in Your Basement

When you find any cracks around the windows, doors, basement walls, and floors, then it is the easy gateway for water entrance. Water needs a slight point to enter, so these crack can easily make water to enter the area.

Gutters are not installed or maintained properly

Gutters are always filled with water and they help to expel rainwater from your foundation. But if gutters are installed poorly and not maintained regularly, then it will get hindrance to function. Water will be gathered around the foundation and doesn’t find a way to run away.

Inappropriate Slope

The sloping helps water to get outside of the property. If the slope is not designed accurately, the water will not go outside even it will find entry to the basement itself

The poor drainage system and Soil

If the drainage system and soil are improper, then your basement will surely get the moisture. The water will not directly enter the home, but it will come around the foundation because it will endeavor to find its way into the property.

Hydrostatic Pressure

When water gathers around the foundation, the Hydrostatic pressure occurs. The pressure of water compels to make entryway because it pushes down every time when the water accumulates. In the result of that water easily get doorway in your basement through cracks in your floors and basement walls. Sometimes it is the pressure of water that makes cracks in the property.

 The Top 3 Basement Waterproofing Methods

Now we are aware of the possible basement moisture causes, it will be easy for us to find the suitable waterproofing methods to prevent basement water infiltration. Three methods of waterproofing are here:

Interior Waterproofing

The first and affordable basement waterproofing method is interior waterproofing. It starts with identifying the cracks or holes present in the basement, floors, surrounding windows, and doors. In this process, every hole will be watertight and sealed. Water usually get easy to enter from the basement cracks, so it is a great idea to seal those holes so that it can block the water entry. However, to ensure this practice, make sure your basement is dry. The use of high-quality sealants which are giving warrantee to work long last makes firm confirmation that it has efficiency fills the cracks and stops any water intrusion possibility inside the basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

Often the main problems of basement moisture are likely to detect outside. So if you have found the main cause outside, the time has come to waterproof your basement. Inspect the extremal walls of the basement. Exterior waterproofing is typically not a simple process it is more than sealing procedure we normally operate in the interior of the basement. Always hire experienced and skilled waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR to do this job effectively

In this process, the digging of soil takes place around the basement of the residential property. It will take you the help of labor with heavy equipment and machines. After the soil is extracted from the ground the sealant needs to be applied to the exterior walls. When considering the exterior waterproofing method make sure that your gutter system is proper. If the gutter is not installed properly or maintained then the water can flow to the basement area. Ensure that you have cleaned your gutter so that it keeps working fine. The proper downspouts prevent water to reach your home

Drainage Systems

The poor drainage system is habitually the most common cause of water presence or moisture in the basement. The objective of a proper drainage system is to prevent your home from throwing water away from your house foundation. If you want to keep your basement dry, you must install the firm and proper drainage system at your home. You can choose the best one from the several highly effective drainage system that will aid to keep your basement area dry and control the water flow. It is also important to know that which kind of soil is around the foundation of your house, make sure your house is enclosed with soil that is helpful in easy drainage and doesn’t allow moisture to restore or stick to the area.


This is not a light issue that you will ignore, after all, it is about the safety of your house. A small drop of unusual water and signs of moisture can be the major reason for a breakdown of your basement. Making your basement dry and keep the proper maintenance of the drainage system is always helpful. Sealing of small holes or cracks present in basement walls, around the windows and doors can obstruct the way of water. But this will happen when you hire the professional waterproofing service in Delhi who hold a similar experience in dealing with these waterproofing issues and provide the finest accurate solution.

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