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10 Common AC problems and AC Repair Solutions for the same

Often we have seen that our AC gets breakdown when we need it desperately in the season of summer. There are a few common AC issues that generally occur when we get to repair them. They are as follows:-

AC Worn Contactor

When you are going to get your ac repair, you will see the contractor for the condenser fan motor, the blower motor, and the compressor. Together they generate electrical connections which subsequently aid in to start compressor and motors. But when the contractor coated with arcing and pitting, then it gets issues in for electric current to start the motor. Best AC Repair in Delhi offered by KeyVendors is the genuine people to fix this issue.

AC Drainage

It is necessary to keep your drainage of the AC clean because it can be clogged by dust, dirt, fur, and grass particles. And due to this, the drain system will definitely fill up and water gets leakage which subsequently harms the AC unit and other parts adjacent to it. Immediate assistance of AC service near me is needed at that time.

AC Condenser Coils

If we talk about condenser coils, we know that they are fixed in the outer area with the compressor. Due to located outside it is natural that they get dirty so it is necessary to clean them with the help of a water pipe. You need an HVAC expert that will clean condenser coils with effective chemicals.

AC Compressor

The function of the compressor is to transport liveliness to the refrigerant and pushes it with the help of coils in order to bring heat exchange. It is obvious that if the compressor is not working properly then your AC will not able to make cool temperatures. Moreover, if it doesn’t get sufficient refrigerant then the compressor will give hot air and at the end of the day it gets broken down and if it goes excessively then the refrigerant gets back to the compressor which makes it totally shut down. Consulting with AC repair and Service in Delhi will be a wise move in this type of situation.

AC Thermostat

The thermostat is the one who controls the temperature as per your residence requirements. The thermostat should be switch ion and must be clean internally. It should not be contacted directly to the sunlight. If somehow it is getting issues, then making an appointment with 24 hour AC repair service is needed immediately.

AC Evaporator Coils

The work of am Evaporator coils is to soak heat present in the air and transport it back into the home resulted in cool air utilizing several air ducts. It might possible that coils become discolored, but if they are fixed inside, they only need maintenance service every 3 years.  Trusted AC AMC services in Delhi can do this job efficiently.

AC Refrigerant Leakage

If the refrigerant begins leaking in the AC unit, it means that the AC performance will obviously go down and due to that, you will see the temperature will oscillate. The charges of repair and maintenance will depend upon the area, so it is important to make sure that your AC is getting maintenance service annually by trained AC specialists from keyVendors.

AC Breakers or Fuses

The fuses and breakers protect the compressor and AC motor from overheating. Whenever the motor gets malfunctioned, the first thing examined by the HVAC technician is breakers. So get them service from time to time whenever it requires.

AC Filters

Ac filter breakdown is the most general issues faced by people when their AC doesn’t work well. When you purchase the AC, make sure you are following the guidelines inscribed in the booklet of the AC. The instructions will tell you how you can change the air filter. They vary accordingly such as some air filters need monthly transformation, some want three months while some are recyclable and can be cleaned only when they get dirt and dust. If you want to know whether air filter needs to be changed, you can check by throwing lights on it, if the light passes through, then it is fine, but if it is not, then the right time has come to clean it or change it. If your ac filter is dirty it will decrease the air quality and flow, moreover, it will also make your Ac unit seized.

AC Capacitors

Capacitors are one of the core elements that are responsible for well-operational of AC because it gives power to the motor that ultimately forces compressor and fan to work. The start capacitor conveys current to trigger the motor on the other hand run capacitor delivers frequent current to keep the motor functioning. If the capacitor is burned or damage the motor of AC will not run. So there is no use of waiting in that situation, taking the help of AC repair experts is the one and only resolution for this malfunctioning

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