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True AC Service Charges in Delhi by Our Expert AC Technicians

cheapest ac service charges in delhi

AC Service Costs in Delhi Shared by Our Expert AC Technicians

It is unquestionable; An air conditioner is a solution to the burning weather of Delhi.

We are not overstating things, but you can ask anyone who has found relief from ac in their home or workplace.

Delhi’s Residents often argue about ac service charges in Delhi.

The difference in quotes from online ac servicing companies and local vendors confuses people.

And as a result, sometimes they neglect the well-being and tune of their air conditioner.

In time, it will be an irreparable ac unit. Do you want such things to happen to your AC? We are Sure You don’t want to.

But, the real battle is about finding a good AC service in Delhi NCR and paying the right price.

We are sharing a price list of ac service charges to make things easy for you.

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Air Conditioner Repair and Service Charges Price List in Delhi

Window AC Service Charges

CapacityAC TypeCharges (₹)
1 TonWindow AC₹ 399
1.5 TonWindow AC₹ 399
2 TonWindow AC₹ 399
window ac service charges

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Split AC Service Charges

CapacityAC TypeCharges (₹)
1 TonSplit AC₹ 499
1.5 TonSplit AC₹ 499
2 TonSplit AC₹ 499
split ac service charges

Tower AC Service and Repair Charges

CapacityAC TypeCharges (₹)
1 TonTower AC₹ 899
1.5 TonTower AC₹ 899
2 TonTower AC₹ 899
tower ac service charges

Cassette AC Service and Repair Charges

CapacityAC TypeCharges (₹)
2 TonCassette AC₹ 799
3 TonCassette AC₹ 1199
4 TonCassette AC₹ 1499
cassette ac service charges

If any spare part defects darning AC service – Extra Charges including spare part cost

What Benefits Do You Get After Paying AC Service Charges

Now we will understand the impact of AC service on its Performance and Efficiency.

Significant Boost In The Performance of Air Conditioner

The service and maintenance of the air conditioner can revive its lost performance.

An air conditioner without service loses its charm and performance with time.

AC Lifespan Gets Prolonged

Humans need routine doctor checkups to maintain their health and live longer lives.

An air cooling machine also needs service and maintenance to get a prolonged lifespan.

Air Quality Gets Improved

The main work of an air conditioner is to spread coolness, But it also improves the air quality of your room.

The AC Unit Will Cost Lesser

When you service your AC, it will work efficiently, and eventually, it needs less electricity consumption to operate. Due to that, you don’t have to pay high energy bills.

The Comfort You Get Will Be Enhanced

You cannot resist a single minute with a climate control appliance in humid weather. Serviced and maintained AC will give you optimal comfort.

Imagine a tiring day out of the office and returning home to get pure air. It will also give you a more comfortable sleep.

Pro Tip: How to save up on AC Maintenance

Keep your AC temperature 24 to 30 degrees to run it for longer. Moreover, get regular service and take AC AMC package from Keyvendors.

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