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Architects, Interior Designers, and Interior Decorators: The Differences

Architects, Interior Designers, and Interior Decorators

Differences Between Architects, Interior Designers, and Interior Decorators

In your lifetime, you may have overheard the terms’ Architects, Interior Designers, and Interior Decorators. Often many people have a myth that they all are the same, but the reality is far different. Firstly, you must keep in brain that all these terms are unique from one another. Interior designers have additional knowledge, credentials, scope, and responsibilities. 

Furthermore, architect and interior decorators have their perspectives and working style. The variation among these three disciplines is also complex because technical skills, competence, and job profile are not interchangeable. 

Now we will try to understand each professional separately, and it will help us to detect how they are different from each other.

Interior Designers: What do they do?

You are undoubtedly more familiar with the word ‘interior designer’ because it is the most prominent designation for an individual in this sector who holds a permit to carry out the official profession.

Interior designers can contribute to a construction or renovation project in various ways. Diverse professionals may use abundant perspectives while planning for any interior design project.

Traditionally, interior designers are involved in every step of creating an internal layout of a property. Additionally, they are interested in artwork, beauty, employment mobility, and the development of our living places.

For your house interior to be elegant and worth living, you will need the services of an interior designer once the construction is complete. 

Interior designers communicate with different contractors, workers, and subcontractors involved in the project to ensure troubleless and timely project delivery.

The interior designer also determines suitable furniture design based on the property owner’s aspirations to attain extreme functionality and aesthetics inside the constructed site.

The designer creates 3D-2D diagrams and conveys these graphics to various contractors, enabling them to finish the intended task at the space. The charts also illustrate the substance, finishing material, and different jobs, including false ceiling, flooring, carpentry, etc. 

Interior designers lend supporting shoulders to pick a paint color, wallpaper, furniture, curtains, color combination, and textiles to accomplish the site’s interior. 

interior designers

Interior Designers: Requirements for Education and Experience

Interior design is an occupation that demands methodical learning and certification to design a space. You cannot pursue an interior designer if you don’t have formal education and accreditation. The training and education of interior design accumulate planning, construction, understanding of space utilization, selecting design and shades, etc. 

Many government authorized bodies to give official training and degrees/diploma to interior designers. The national council of Interior Design Qualities (NCIDQ) is a government-certified entity to help pursue an interior design career. After completing the education, the designer can apply for internships, formal training, and stipend-based jobs in different interior design firms. 

A capable interior designer has the competence and know-how in space designing, area finishing, aesthetics, and functionality with inventive influence. They have official learning and qualification from the design institute, so it becomes easy for them to work on basics and decide what is better for a space. 

If you want to be an authorized interior designer, ensure that you must get your interior design degree from a renowned institute such as NCIDQ.  

You would require a degree, foundation’s degree, or Apprenticeship to become a licensed interior designer. Professionals in the sector have unique expertise in building, artwork, interior design, furnishing architectural style, and 3D modeling.

Many nations have provisions for expert designers to pass an entrance exam after a bachelor’s degree. Individuals can only become accredited interior designers in India if they have a degree from a certified governing body such as NCIDQ.

However, in many nations, there is no provision like that. Hence, it is essential to learn and get certification from a renowned institute before beginning a career as an interior designer. 

Correct Time to Call an Interior Designer

Interior designing is not only buying a new sofa set, table, paint, and construction work on the property. It also mixes the operational and creative aspects of the materials and accessories usable during the design process. It involves smart utilization of space and offers an inclusive series of logical remedies throughout the design. Interior designers mainly focus on: 

  • Overall project handling and inspection 
  • Design and consultation 
  • Assessing and quantifying the entire project 
  • Planning for space design  
  • Balancing ecological sustenance 
  • Coordination with workers
  • Precise work allocation to a talented workforce 

If property holders wish to refurbish, redesign and bring a new layout to the property, whether office or home, they must engage an interior designer for such tasks. 

Interior Decorators: Their Roles and Responsibilities 

Decorating an interior is a petite segment of interior design. In other terms, you can say that interior decoration is the practice that falls under interior design. But never consider interior decorators and designers the same. They both are different from each other. Interior design is a vast term with enormous work scope, but interior decoration is limited to beautifying a space without renovation or construction. 

Interior decorators are usually competent in crafting a creatively elegant look or rejuvenating site. Decoration staff cannot work on an under-construction site because their work starts after the construction and renovation of a site are completed. 

Interior decorators plan to generate a flawless appearance in the room by keeping the atmosphere, up-to-date trends, and customer demand in the brain. While interior designers have an extensive role in making a site livable, decorators can assist consumers in selecting color patterns and choosing decoration elements, and furniture for internal space.

But interior decorators don’t have to handle other professionals such as contractors, carpenters, architects, and builders. They don’t get assignments until the interior and building construction is complete. However, they may take suggestions from interior designers and communicate with furniture manufacturers, wallpaper suppliers, etc. 

These consultants bring innovative concepts for spacious interiors with no basic alteration design of the room. They will not alter any operational sites, including the kitchen, toilets, gates, and windows. However, they may suggest selecting new furniture, décor items, carpet, drapes, lighting, and textiles to design an interior of the site. 

Interior decorator only focuses on how your living room or house appears but ignores how it operates. The functionality perspective of a site is the duty of an interior designer. At the same time, aesthetics and beautification are part of interior decoration. 

Interior Decorators

Education Or Credential Requirement For Interior Decorators

Interior decorators don’t provide official accreditation and learning compared to interior designers. An interior decorator can get formal knowledge of the basics through any local institute; there is no need for comprehensive teaching and certification. 

Remember one thing; an interior designer can become an interior decorator. Still, an interior decorator cannot work as an interior designer until he has taken a certified degree from government authorized institute. However, today, many institutes have started to give training, course, and programs sanctioned by the Interior Design Society (IDS) 

Right Time To Employ An Interior Decorator

Given the amount of cash you have spent on your property, engaging an interior decorator is wise.

Always seek a licensed interior decorator if unsure when or how to begin decorating your property.

You want an interior decorator with a vision but don’t implement it due to your regular packed regimen.

However, consulting a design expert, such as an interior decorator, can be an appropriate answer to your decorative difficulties; experts won’t pop up and solve them immediately. It will help if you continue constantly engaged with the company and know its potential. Before hiring an interior decorator to benefit from professional knowledge, ensure you have handled these concerns wisely.

Architect: What Does It Mean And How Does It Work? 

An architect learns architecture for 5 years to obtain a bachelor’s certificate. By establishing the COA (Council of Architecture), the Indian government recognizes architects authorized to get the approval of regional planning authorities. An architect who wants to specialize in preservation, urban design, or other areas of architecture can earn a master’s degree.

An architect’s primary duty is to create the structure following the customer’s wishes and the local construction regulations. The structure’s shape, exterior style, interior layout, space planning, the direction of the sun’s passage, and other elements are all addressed in the architectural design.

The architect presents the construction drawings to the regional planning administration once the program’s plan is complete for the structure can be authorized, and construction can commence.

In addition to providing technical advisory blueprints, the architect authorized different vendors to participate in the construction project. The many sorts of sketches also depict the location and placement of windows and doors, masonry elements, architectural and underlying components, and electrical and plumbing layouts.

The architect collaborates with numerous vendors on location and oversees the entire construction process to ensure seamless project implementation and fulfillment.


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Collaborating with an architect from the inception is a terrific approach to enhancing the elegance and durability of your venture if you’re considering renovating or expanding onto your property.

Houses and revamps built by architects give purchasers more and, therefore, can bring a premium resale value if you choose to sell them. Architects are adept at addressing complex architectural issues and enjoy competition.

Retaining the expertise of an architect at the beginning of the process can prevent additional headaches later if you’re hunting for property to construct or a home to refurbish and create yourself personally.

Every individual will inevitably become stressed when making construction or renovation decisions. Suppose you opt to entrust your architect with construction projects. In that case, they will b handle not just the layout but also business deals, employing a building inspector if required, and getting the necessary government approvals.

A builder or constructor by themselves could be enough for essential extensions and revamps. Nevertheless, an architect has more to contribute if appearances are crucial to you.

Conclusion: A Final Thought

Now you have read about the mechanism, role, function, qualifications, and working style of interior designers, architects, and interior decorators, it becomes easy to find differences among all these professions. The above information depicts huge dissimilarity among them. However, the similarity is that they all can work together on a project one after one. Keyvendors provides in-depth interior decoration, architecture, and interior designers services in Delhi NCR; hence you can count on us. 

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