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11 Common Split AC Problems And Their Possible Solutions

Common Split AC Problems

Here Are Top 11 Common Split AC Problems And Their Possible Solutions

Nobody can refute that Air conditioner is a vital appliance for all homes and workplaces. It works explicitly like an angel in the humid and hot season.

Since we understand that metropolitan cities have been going through pollution ambiance, therefore having an air conditioner is always an accurate decision. Moreover, preserving your AC health frequently is the key to making it work efficiently. Air-con is also similar to other electronics, and it will always need maintenance to upkeep the essential performance.

Over the period, AC may encounter smash-up, damage, faults, and breakdowns, and there is no way to leave it. Homeowners must converse with air-cooling reparation consultants and describe them possible defects. In case you don’t know what to carry out, air conditioner professionals take care of it excellently. Allow us to discuss11 Common Split AC Problems And Their Possible Solutions.

1. Indoor Unit is Creating Excessive Sound 

Occasionally the split air conditioner’s indoor unit begins creating excessive clatter while functioning at the time of turning on. However, the defect is minor, and there are no serious things to panic about. In that case, it is probably the defective fan internally set in the indoor unit. 

The fan may be dislocated from its correct spot; the air cooling expert will disassemble the indoor unit and fit the fan in its right location. In a few conditions, the noise occurs because of dirt, dust, and buildup on the fan that can lead to shuddering in the fan. Disassembling and cleaning the fan will solve noise issues.

2. AC is Continuously Switching On And Off 

When you detect that split air-con starts switching on and off automatically, again and again, it is ideal for turning it off until you call an AC service expert. The probable reason for such recurrent switching on and off is AC’s condenser, and the evaporator is polluted or obstructed. 

The grimy air filter blocks airflow, resulting in more issues comprising an ice-covered evaporator coil. It is vital to wash, clean up and replace the air filter for improved cooling and efficiency. Other causes can be incorrect air conditioner temperature and timer configurations.

Often set incorrect AC temperature or enable the sleep timer operation that automatically causes the AC to switch off. You need to change the setting into default form, switch off the sleep mode, and check the rectified issue. 

3. Insufficient Cooling and Warm Air Blowing 

Split air exchanger appliances are pretty effective, and they can make cool the entire place according to the set temperature. However, in case, split air circulator appliance is not blowing cold air as it generally previously regardless making it switch on for long hours, then it indeed has some fault. The leading causes at the back of insufficient cooling air may be contaminated air filters, ice upsurge on the evaporator coils obstruction in the condenser drainage system. 

Additionally, if the Climate control appliance is flowing warm air at the time of fan functioning, it may decline the cooling system. The possible reasons are inadequate airflow, wrong thermostat settings, refrigerant leakage, and electrical current failures. Instant AC repair and tune-up are ideal for solving that problem quickly. 

4. Split AC Not Turning On 

In that situation, the PCB most expected failed because there’s no exact basis behind that. A variety of things can destroy current protection: overcrowding, a voltage spike, recurrent ON/OFF sequences, or physical scratch. It can also happen because the copper wire gets too close to the solder point. 

In some conditions, the capacitors and ICs have combusted; the PCB is not a component that can get repaired. The sole alternative is to buy the new one and change it with the old defective PCB. A new PCB is standard and costly; it has nothing to do with AC technicians because they come from AC part manufacturing companies. 

5. AC is Spreading Bad Odor When Turning On 

Often when you start the split air cooling system, it releases an unbearable bad odor. You need not take stress because there may be a fault in the drainage mechanism. The drain faucet and hose may collect dirt, mud, and wreckage over the period and gradually begins stinking foul. Only consulting and inviting an air cooling system machinist is the way to get rid of such a stinking ambient. 

6. Dirty Air Filter

Air filters in AC are responsible for sieving pure air from the outdoor unit and preventing it from dirt, pollutants, and dust substance. These air filters need cleaning at least twice a year. The clogged filters can impure air quality and AC’s cooling efficacy. A dirty filter compels air-chilling appliances to function rigorously and eat excessive electricity to cool down the entire room. 

It will finally lead to elevated energy charges and insufficient cooling. You need to dismantle the air filter from the split air circulator to clean them (do as per AC’s manual and instructions given by the AC manufacturer). Sanitize and wash air filters with a running lukewarm water vacuum cleaner if they are washable. You can also change them with a new one if they don’t get clean or they are not washable. 

We suggest making your air circulation system serviced a minimum of two times annually for improved efficiency and preventing air filters from getting dirty. 

Dirty Air Filter Split AC Problems

7. Clogged Split AC Outdoor Unit

The Split air circulator appliance efficiency may also decline when the exterior unit compressor is filthy or obstructed by dust, wreckages, and fallen leaves. The obstructed compressor prevents air from circulating in the indoor unit. The ideal method is to clean the compressor by sprinkling water with elevated force. But we suggest that it will be fantastic to avail air conditioner technologist assistance. Either professional will repair the compressor or replace it with a new one.

8. Gas Leakage or Shortage in Refrigerant Level  

The lower levels of refrigerant or gas leakage are one of the causes of insufficient cooling. Refrigerant is a gaseous or liquid element that soaks heat from the atmosphere and delivers cool air when blended with an AC evaporator and compressor. The air cooling appliance is with low refrigerant level, and gas leakage can decline cooling efficiency. 

The gas leakage and shortage in refrigerate level is generally happens in regions positioned nearby shoreline areas or anywhere near sewage where dampness and air pollutants are elevated. You must inspect the AC external and internal unit and their connection. 

The professional will detect link failure between both the units. When you find potential leakage, you need to top up the refrigerant gas to a high level as recommended in AC maintenance guidelines. But it is not effortless to perform guidelines precisely, and we suggest consulting an AC repairer to rectify this issue.       

Split AC Problems And Their Possible Solutions

9. Swing System Is Not Functioning

When the swing system in the split air conditioner fails to perform, there may be two causes of such failure—the swing is regulated by distinct swings machinery. The motor is defective, or PCB is not circulating current flow to the swing motor. 

A split air circulation system demands daily maintenance to stay running effectively with the help of AC annual maintenance contract packages. But it may be hard for every homeowner to have sufficient time and skills for AC servicing. Therefore it is always the correct step to pick the inclusive air conditioner AMC package in which your air cooling machine can get one, two, and three years of maintenance and repair assistance.    

10. Defective Compressor (Compressor Turning Off Too Often)

The compressor is the essential part of the air conditioner, and it is set in the outside unit. It is responsible for gas circulation linking condense and the evaporator. If the compressor doesn’t work correctly, then the air conditioner will not run efficiently to its complete capacity, or often it doesn’t perform at all. Moreover, a faulty capacitor burned electric cable, and damaged compressor are also some of the reasons AC is not operating.     

You can take many considerations to make a defect compressor work in a split air conditioner, including capacitor replacement, condenser coil cleaning, and outdoor unit fan cleaning. However, if these tricks don’t work, the last alternative is to buy a new compressor, and the compressor price lies between Rs 6,000 and 10,000, based on the air conditioner brand. It is a pricey part of AC, and if you prevent your AC from collapsing, it is always vital to obtain AC service and maintenance.     

11. Ice Buildup on Evaporator Coils Surrounding 

The low cooling of an air conditioner also happens because of ice buildup in the surrounding evaporator coils. Ice can make a thick layer in the surrounding AC’s evaporator coils when you don’t pay attention to routine AC maintenance and overhauling. The ice accumulation around the split AC’s evaporator coils can also happen because of lower refrigerant levels and gas leakage. Ice upsurge can attract dirt/bacteria/debris accumulation on the air filter and other AC components. It is advised to cleanse the air filter frequently to maintain air conditioner performance. If the problem doesn’t fade away, consulting an expert AC service technician can bring a productive way out.   

Concluding Considerations for Pro Tip

Safeguard and Preserve Split AC through our AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Package. What’s more, Keyvendors AC Maintenance Plan comes with two precautionary maintenance appointments yearly. Receiving reminders from professional professionals is a great idea, and you can rest assured that you will do it correctly with AC service being valid. 

The AMC Plan for ACs is designed to give you harmony of the brain and allow you to pay attention to the other vital aspects of your business. The AC AMC Package company provides unlimited repairs of all kinds, free gas charges for any required maintenance, and the cost of spare parts at a significantly reduced rate. 

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