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How to Paint a House Interior and Exterior (12 Easy Tips)

how to paint house interior and

How to Paint a House Interior and Exterior

Most individuals have fundamental painting expertise. But there must be few formal knowledge and basic skills to execute the painting job. Professional painters in Delhi know how to implement things related to the painting process. You can get some significant tips for improving painting quality. As a DIY painter, you need to know a complete DIY guide on painting a house:-

12 Tips for Painting Your Entire House Easily

Buy Top Class Paint

When you start painting house interior and exterior don’t negotiate with paint quality. Select top-quality paints for the wall of your house. Think about choosing a paint shade that you wish to apply for each room of your residence. You can have many options, such as glossy paint, metallic paint, textured paint, enamel paint, acrylic emulsion paint, distemper paint, etc. Some colors can disguise surface flaws, and you can take the help of professional painting contractors in Delhi NCR. Don’t use volatile organic compounds (VOC) and low aroma paints to create health hazards to you and your family.

Avoid Paint in Rainy/Wet Season

Always wait for dry weather because it will take time to dry and stick to the surface of walls, windows, and targeted area if you paint in the rainy season. If you wish to paint in the humid season, you must take time and get leverages of sluggish drying paint to rectify your mistakes previous to applying the next paint layer. However, we suggest that you avoid overdoing it and finish it smoothly.

Move Out All Important Belongings and Electric Appliances in A Safe Place

Before beginning painting, painting services in Delhi suggest that it is good to closure cargo space bags and keep the entire button cabinet, light, door bulge, etc., to secure them from mishaps and damaging situations. Store your hardware, belongings, and electric appliances in a safe place to avoid any damage to them.

Conduct a Profound Visual Assessment and Preparation

When you start painting the whole house, make sure to assess the entire site profoundly. You must detect any cracked, peeling, and shedding areas and need to repair and wear out before applying new primer and paint. The new layer mass will stretch existing paint that is why repair work is a must. If you skip these things, you are wasting your time, efforts, and money. Even oily areas need to be rinsed out before the painting process starts. You can do it with a wet cloth to have a sanitized, dust-free, and smooth surface to paint.

Dress up with Protective Gear

Remember to safeguard yourself like you make your furnishing throughout the painting procedure; our veteran recommends to dressed up with protective gear. Also, you can dress gloves, specks for eye safeguarding. Wear a facemask if you are doing sand work to safeguard your lungs from breathing in dust or debris.’

Acquire and Use Premium Quality Painter’s Tape, Roller Covers, and Brushes

No paint can become precise if there is a wrong selection of painting tools. Don’t waste your single penny to buy low-quality paint accessories. Research online and connect with experts. Top-quality roller covers and brushes can provide a decent cover and save your time on repainting. Additionally, customized and extremely précised painter’s tape has a significant part in blocking haziness and leaks.   

Stay Things Out Of Site Or Skip Them, If You Don’t Wish To Paint

During floor coverage of floors, hardware, furniture, electronic items covering, you may have many things you don’t wish to paint. Tiny plastic bags and leftover cloths safeguarded with tape are convenient to shield faucets, countertops, When applying latex paint shade, no requirement of rinsing brushes and rollers if the painting works exceeds more than a single day. The cooling atmosphere may lead to latex paint taking more time to dry. Just store your rollers and brushes in aluminum foils or plastic bags, or you can keep them in a cool place. Make sure to allow them completely warm before using them again., fabric furniture, doorknobs and shower door frames, etc.

Apply Primer

If you have cleaned the surface and performed repair work, primers and paint blends are always effective. Apply primer if there is any problem with the wall, or it’s been a decade since it was painted. For tough surfaces such as high gloss paint, apply a bonding primer ( get branded primer which is best as per recommendations from experts)

Don’t rinse your brushes and paint rollers

When applying latex paint shade, no requirement of rinsing brushes and rollers if the painting works exceeds more than a single day. The cooling atmosphere may lead to latex paint taking more time to dry. Just store your rollers and brushes in aluminum foils or plastic bags, or you can keep them in a cool place. Make sure to allow them completely warm before using them again.

Cover Clean Area With Masking Film

Using masking film is appropriate to prevent clean areas from painting splashes and stains. Masking film is a skinny plastic piece that is accessible in wrapped-up rolls. The slender element of these sheets can be adequate to cover and protect the clean zone of the house. The masking film is easily dropped in a flat façade remains there on its stability.

Remember Ventilation Aspect

Ensure that your home is adequately ventilated during the painting process. Always remain your windows open and use fans. Switching on the fan can fasten up the drying procedure.

Don’t Allow Your Paint Dry Out

Sometimes a partially vacant bucket of paint gets dried out; you can eliminate this station by putting a plastic drape beneath the top and closing it firmly. Keep your paint bucket upside down.

How much time will it take to paint the house Insideout? 

Painting process completion depends on several factors such as:-

  • How spacious is room or house is?

If you have a spacious house or rooms, generally it will take 3 to 7 days (more or less based on the painting skills of the painter). The walls condition: It also depends on the condition of the walls. If walls are stringent, with no cracks and holes, it will take one or two days to complete one room. But if there are wear and tears, holes, cracks, it may take time to fill or repair all those imperfections.

  • How many paint coats you will require?

The coat of paint is also a significant factor to determine how much time it will take to complete

  • Weather condition?

Always try to paint your house in the summer season. The Rainy or winter season may lead to delay in the painting process. The painting application needs time to dry out the first layer, second layer, and so on.

  • Your painting expertise?

It is also vital to execute the whole painting task quickly and satisfactorily.


That’s all from Keyvendors; remember these tricks and tips while performing painting in DIY style. You can achieve accurate finishing by applying all the above techniques. However, we know that DIY is not a good approach; that is why we strongly recommend hiring Keyvendors if you have no time to do these DIY painting exercises. You can expect perfect, professional, and beautiful exterior and interior painting from Key vendors.

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