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Find Out The Average Interior Design Cost For 2 BHK

interior design cost

Interior design is truly much more about mind games in comparison to what we tend to realize. While it is in the context of decorating our dream home with matching curtains, drapes, furniture, and so on. It is also in the context of tricking our minds into reshaping how we can perceive space in our abode. It is indeed an amalgamation of both science and art in that matter, here we have discussed an average interior design cost for 2 BHK.

Because not only do we require an understanding of the ideal choice of design but we also require to first go over the things which matter a lot and may be the most budgeting. By understating how much it would cost to design your home, you will be able to really design it the way you require. And that is why you must also understand the elements you need to contemplate which will play a huge role while designing.

You need to understand the cost to design your home and you will be able to really design it the way you require. Therefore, you are needed to understand the elements you need to contemplate which will portray a huge role while having the designing process. Here, we are going to mention a 2BHK apartment space as our frame of reference as well as determine how much an interior design cost for 2 BHK in the country.

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interior Design cost for 2bhk

An Estimate Interior Design Cost For 2BHK

If you are hunting for a quick answer then based on its previous experience we have truly derived some thumb rule formulas to calculate the cost of interior designs. Please do keep these things in mind and the final cost probably vary depending on the design as well as material specifications –

  • Interior Design Cost following a low budget would be 1000 Rs./sq.Ft. for the carpet area of your home.
  • Talking about the interior design, it cost accordingly the moderate budget would be 1100 to 1500 Rs/sq.Ft. following the carpet area of your home.
  • Interior Design cost follows the High-end Budget going from 1600 to 2500 Rs/sq.Ft. following the carpet area of your home.

Here, it needs to mention that the above rates do not add these things like bathroom tiles, flooring, fixtures, and other electronic items including ACs, TV, and so on, and electrical items including chimney geysers and so on.

Now, we have truly mentioned above there are prominent two sorts of the cost you have been looking at say –

  • Consultancy fees
  • Execution cost

Have you been looking for consultancy fees? It also depends from designer to designer. Though, most interior designers charge between INR 100 to 200 Rs/sq.Ft.

Here, we are going to mention the two prominent stages.

  • Talking about the fees for creating and designing, it is all about the 3D rendering of your home considering 2BHK and it costs 18000 Rs Excluding GST.
  • Considering fees following the detailed execution drawings, site supervision, as well as procurement assistance, is called 120 Rs/Sq.Ft excluding GST.
  • Now, most 2BHK flats also depend on the price range from 650 to 900 Sq.Ft. carpet areas. It is time to go ahead and take the average as well as calculate the consultancy fees following your 2BHK apartments. 

It means the average carpet area would be 775 Sq. Ft. and Average consultancy fees would be 120 Rs/Sq.Ft + 18% GST.

Have you been wondering about the cost of executing a 2BHK flat? Here, we are going to mention important factors. Firstly, we are going to mention the cost of common things applying to all rooms including false ceilings, wall painting, electrical, and so on. 

Considering the area of the flat is 775 sq. ft. Following the cost of the Gypsum false ceiling is INR 57,850. The cost of electrical fitting would be INR 35K. Electrical Labour would be INR 32,000.  To put it in simple words, the total cost of electrical work would be INR 67,000.

FAQs – Interior Designer Cost For 2BHK

Why should you pay for interior design?

The most important thing is that good interior design plays a major role in the context of tailoring any space to go with your lifestyle, state of mind, personality, purpose, and so on at an ideal budget.

What factors are required to consider prior to arriving at a 2BHK interior design cost?

You need to consider the design, decoration, functionality, and decoration to approach your 2BHK flat interior design cost.

What about the cost of interior designer for a 2BHK?

Considering the cost of hiring an interior designer, can indeed fluctuate from place to place in India and it typically falls anywhere from 10% to 20% of the entire project.

What could be the cost of a false ceiling installation?

It depends on the wooden or gypsum material, the typical cost of installing a false ceiling comes down to INR 150 to 2k per square foot.

What About The Cost Of Painting Per Square Foot in India?

Talking about painting for the interior design, the cost of a 2BHK flat should fall anywhere between INR 10 to 200 per sq. ft. loaded with innumerable varieties of paint materials including emulsion, texture, and so on.

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