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List Of Waterproofing Companies In Delhi – 7 Best and Trusted Contractors

List Of Waterproofing Companies In Delhi

When any construction takes place, there are plenty of things included in this process, such as plumbing, painting, whitewash, carpenter, electric installation, furnishing, and many other important things that happen during construction. Probably we have not talked about one important thing which people often avoid, and that is waterproofing. Waterproofing is the basic need for construction.

A building construction needs to be waterproofed by the utilization coating and membranes to safeguard the structural strength. Still, we hear construction damages and breakdowns every year due to insufficient waterproofing and installation.

The design plan of a house sometimes completely ignores waterproof membrane, which makes the construction weak and potential damage. But it is not only the reason behind the waterproofing disaster, but unskilled labour is also the big reason. 90% of waterproofing disaster happens because of poor labour work.

Now understand the importance of a waterproof membrane applied to shield a floor from the water that could be dissolved and damage it. Hence, one should utilize the ground infiltration, like floor wastes and other accessories, with utmost care to eliminate waterproofing failure and subsurface drainage. The waterproofing is installation is useful for a drainage system that can enhance the strength of the waterproof membrane inside the drainage, 

Sometimes waterproof contractors don’t do their work with full responsibility because they don’t pay attention and enough time for the correct homework before applying the waterproofing membrane. 

Another problem is the failure of waterproofing solutions is not to identify the density of water damage and leakage of the affected area before applying a waterproofing solution. Permeation of tiling, weak subsurface drainage can cause the disaster of the waterproofing fixture to the floor or affected area. Keep in mind that making your waterproofing firm using plywood substrates, mortar screeds, Surface priming for CFC, and concrete should be used with manufacturers’ preferred primers.

When we talk about inspection and application, there is always a possibility that the solution doesn’t work. However, veteran people handle the task with care and preset guidelines; the failure possibility becomes zero.

Hence hiring a waterproofing company is essential to sort out the leakage and moisture problems. Moisture appears on the walls and floor. Nobody likes wet walls and floors as they destroy the strength of the construction. We have explored the internet and selected the list of waterproofing companies in Delhi. 

A Comprehensive List of Waterproofing Companies in Delhi

Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit is one of the biggest brands in waterproofing. It is not only a waterproofing company but also supplies waterproofing material to vendors and other companies. Mumbai-based company has a significant presence in the market. No one can beat them in terms of customer base, loyalty, quality product, and durable waterproofing solutions. 

Office Address:

Ramkrishna Mandir Road, P.O.Box No.17411, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400059

Customer Care No: 18002095504

Website: https://www.drfixit.co.in/



The Keyvendors has been doing the waterproofing services for builders and contractors. Here the importance of waterproofing contractors becomes relevant when we see many of the buildings collapses and break down in the past couple of months—no need to take a risk when working on a construction site.

Waterproofing protects property from dampness, leakage, and moisture and creates a firm security layer around the property. It also confirms that there would be no water infiltration and overflow, which can cause building decay damage in the future. Keyvendors is a fast elevating waterproofing contractor in Delhi and NCR, and it has already made a remarkable client base in India. 

Office Address:

657 Aggarwal Chamber 3, Dayanand Colony, Shakarpur, Delhi – 110092

Customer Care No: 91 9018181818

Website: https://keyvendors.com/

keyvendors 1

Aapka Painter

Aapka painter is also a rapidly mounting company, but it has delivered mainly painting services. However, it has also collaborated with many waterproofing companies and provides watertight services.

They provide wall painting, waterproofing, living room painting, bedroom painting, and many more. They have excellent expertise in delivering seamless residential and commercial painting and waterproofing services. Aapka painter is a Bengaluru-based company, but it has extended its services to Pan India. 

Office Address:

1st Floor Symphony K.V.N.N.B Venture, Kaggadasapura, CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka 560093, IN

Customer Care No: 8088777173

Website: https://aapkapainter.com/

aapka painter 1

Wet 2 Dry Solutions 

Wet2 Dry Solutions is a Maharashtra-based waterproofing contractor that has gained an excellent customer base in recent years. They are perfect for making a house and any structure waterproof.

They have only one objective to provide tightening water service to every property owner and protect them from structural damage and health issues because of leakage. We have an advanced and qualified professional waterproofing team to handle all leakage and moisture problems easily. 

Office Address:

Unit No S9 and 10, 2nd Floor, Vinayak Plaza, Jharsa Road, Sector 15, Gurugram, Haryana 122021

Customer Care No: 0124 407 6072

Website: https://wet2drysolution.com/


All India Waterproofing Company

All India Waterproofing Company is among the most trustworthy and licensed waterproofing contractors. They are experts in the utilization of cement-centric waterproofing and chemical treatment. The company was founded in 1983, and the journey is still going strong. All India Waterproofing Company is located in Mumbai, and it has a great customer base across the country. 

Office Address:

Head Office Mumbai 384, A/4, Kapadia Mansion,
3rd Floor, Near Novelty Cinema,
Grant Road,
Mumbai – 400007.Customer

Customer Care No: 98201 54491

Website: https://aiwco.com/

waterproofing contractor

LeakSeal India

LeakSeal India is one of the most experienced and reliable names in waterproofing services. More than 3 decades of expertise in waterproofing has made this company unbeatable. They continuously make efforts to deliver excellent leakage problem-solving services to clients.

They work with utmost dedication, high professionalism, and quality work. At LeakSeal is a brand that reflects brilliance, commitment, and perfection. They conduct services such as waterproofing, finishing, and restoration, etc. Many government departments and intuitions have become part of their project portfolio.

Some government organizations that have provided excellent waterproofing services are NPCIL, LIC, UTI, RBI, Union Bank of India, Bank Of Baroda, Bank of India, BARC, Bharat Petroleum Canara Bank so on. Hence you can easily judge how qualitative they work and operate. They have a fabulous presence in government institutions.

Office Address:

A-1, Yojana Apartment, S.V Road, Malad – (West) Mumbai – 64

Customer Care No: 91 9595890890

Website: https://www.leaksealindia.co/


Priba Waterproofing System

Priba Waterproofing System is a renowned, trustworthy, and veteran waterproofing company in India. The company was established in 1987, and almost 30 years of experience make us a frontrunner in the waterproofing segment. It has acquired expertise in handling and delivering multiple base waterproofing services, materials, and treatment.

The objective of the company is to carry out long-lasting waterproofing treatment to eliminate leakage issues. Customers are completely contented by their working style and the solutions delivered. 

Office Address:

102, Madhukunj Society, Hingwala Cross Lane, Ghatkopar(east). Mumbai-400077

Customer Care No: +91 9920477354

Website: https://www.priba.in/

priba waterproofing sysytem

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