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Sofa Dry Cleaners: 9 Topmost Companies List

top sofa dry cleaners

A sofa or couch can make your house elegant because it increases your stature. Similar to other items in the house sofa also needs maintenance, care, and cleanliness. You cannot afford to sit on a messy, messy sofa. It can decrease your reputation as a homeowner when you invite any guest. If any visitor comes to your house, they may be interested in its interior, sitting arrangement, and style.

The presence of a sofa can tell a lot about your approach and character. So never give any chance to anyone to criticize. Many sofa dry cleaning companies help you retain the sofa’s original appearance and hygiene. They have gathered some of the top sofa dry cleaners for your convenience, have a glance.

List Of Sofa Dry Cleaners: 9 Trusted Company 

Urban Company (Formerly Urban Clap) 


Urban company is a popular company that provides multiple home services, including sofa cleaning. It is a Gurugram-based company. You can easily book sofa dry cleaning services at Urban Company. Users can call for services through the site or mobile application.

Urban Company is recognized as one of the country’s quickest elevating startups, a digital platform that assists in bringing along service providers and consumers. Home service is formerly one of the sectors that did not suffer major changes. 

The firm uses a significant chunk of the funds to protect the interests of the accumulator, who the corporation had engaged in transferring the work to the competent worker. In addition, Urban Company provides Providers with a broad array of services, including access to the market, financing, security, education, stock control, procurement, and invoicing.

Website: https://www.urbancompany.com/



Keyvendors is a Delhi-based home service portal that provides more than 35 services. Sofa dry cleaning service is one of them. The company was founded in 2016, and it has been working fantastically. Keyvendors is believed to be the quickly mounting service portal in India. It has become a feasible network for sofa cleaning vendors, including other home services. It has an energetic staff that is passionate about their skills and job. They have precise machinery, talent, learning, and techniques to operate sofa cleaning effortlessly.

Website: https://www.keyvendors.com/

Ultra Clean   


Ultra clean is located in Geeta colony Delhi and people searching for sofa-dry cleaning nearby the East Delhi location can get services easily. Irrespective of sofa material, including wooden, fabric, leather, or other sofas, the company has skilled people to perform excellent sanitization for couches. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether the sofa has one seat or numerous seats; they can do the cleaning in time.

The company claims that they use ecological chemicals and products while disinfecting all types of sofa. They use advanced machinery to wipe out dirty stains. They also provide pro tips for future maintenance and save your sofa from potential damage.

Website: https://www.ultracleanonline.in/

Home Triangle 


Home Triangle is a Bengaluru-based company that bestows home services and helps consumers to get excellent home services, including home renovation and other maintenance services. Experts will provide excellent solutions depending on your home service requirement. 

Home triangle understands that preserving sofa hygiene and luster is imperative because it is a vital furniture part of the house. They are familiar with different factors associated with dirty sofas, cleaning chemicals, tools, and time that must be spent in the operation.

Website: https://hometriangle.com/

Safari Wale


Safari Wale is a home cleaning company located in Vaishali Ghaziabad. The company has expertise in offering multiple home cleaning solutions, including floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, marble polishing, painting services, disinfection, water tank cleaning, car cleaning, and architectural and interior design.

The company claims that they have a huge crew of customer-centric experts. They preserve cleaning standards by utilizing all modernized applications while doing their job. They tackle dirt elimination and reduce harmful bacterial allergies because of unsanitary circumstances in the home, office, and other services.  

Website:  https://safaiwale.in/



ShineXperts is a fast-mounting cleaning provider residing in Gurgaon. It offers magnificent services. They ensure that client gets the necessary service quality and satisfaction from their work. The crew of experts can clean the sofa exclusively. They have cleaners that can evaluate couches and provide spotless, hygienic, newly built sofas. Couch cleaning in your nearby area; they offer ecological chemical cleaning, sofa disinfection, and sofa drying- all from the comfort of your home.

Website: https://www.shinexperts.com/

Radiance Space 


Whatever you want to name it—sofa or lounge chair furniture always has supplied you with the peace and tranquility you needed. But over age, it has also evolved into a sanctuary for countless scars and grime. 

A couch is becoming the epicenter for mold spores, pet leftovers, blemishes, meal remnants, vermin, and pests because it is the most commonly heard product in your space. Essentially, each of these substances is incorporated into the sofa’s upholstery.

A company situated in Delhi is trustworthy for complete sofa cleaning. You must maintain your couch clean independently of whether the material or any other element is responsible for the unsightly germs and grime. 

And cleansing a sofa is undoubtedly not a simple chore. It is a time when a completely trustworthy name like Radiance is necessary. Radiance is always there to assist you with all types of cleaning companies, and it is they’ll for offering the best upholstery cleanup company in Delhi, India. The top services are available at Radiance for the lowest costs.

Website: https://www.radiancespace.com/

Urban Cleaner 

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Urban Cleaner is a Dwarka, Delhi-based cleaning company that offers safe and green cleaning solutions for residences, workplaces, and retail spaces. Concerning existing cleansing, they employ cutting-edge cleanup machinery that makes the greatest cleaning solutions and quickens the procedure. They use a group of talented and knowledgeable cleaning staff who undergo rigorous screening and paperwork before being recruited.

Urban Cleaning employs exclusively internal workers to perform services. The substandard solvent can permanently damage the fabric of your sofa, carpet, and upholstery. These symptoms typically manifest a few weeks after cleansing. Urban Cleaner utilizes the largest engineering cleansers and detergents on the marketplace authorized by the relevant people but also produces amazing outcomes.

Website: https://www.urbancleaner.in/

Next Service Company 


Since a couch is considered among the most vital housewares you may have in your sitting room, it is essential should you maintain it spotless. The Next Service Company is increasingly conscious of the factors affecting sofa appearance. Consequently, it provides the greatest sofa cleanup services in Delhi at a very fair price. Next Service Company is the ideal business to contact if you’re searching for sofa cleaning services in Delhi NCR at a reasonable cost. 

Website: https://www.nexcuit.in/

Ending Note: Sofa Dry Cleaners

We have attempted to collect the top sofa cleaning companies, and now you choose one of them as per your location, convenience, and budget preference. Keyvendors is a network where you can book sofa dry cleaning solutions at your doorstep. We will come up with such interesting blogs in a future segment.

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