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Split AC Service – Importance, Benefits, Right Time, And Final Results

split ac service

We all understand what an air conditioner means to us in the summer climate. The significance of an air cooling device is similar to oxygen to a normal person to live. People have many options for air conditioner type such as:

  • Smart Air Conditioner
  • Floor Mounted AC
  • Central Air Conditioner
  • Geothermal Air Conditioner
  • Window Air Conditioner
  • Ductless Mini-Split
  • Portable Air Conditioner
  • Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner: Introduction

The split air conditioner unit comes with 2 different types of machinery. One of the air exchanging devices (compressor) is placed on the external area of the house and one air-cooling condensing device that placed inside the house where AC is installed. 

But the benefits of split-type air conditioners are more than just their ease of installation. They cool your house efficiently and maybe cheaper in the long term because they are a more compact size.

What must be understood about split AC units is that they don’t use heat from the same system throughout the home but rather from two different systems that are connected and separated. The external parts are the condenser and compressor, and indoor devices involve air allocation and filter parts.  

You don’t need extensive construction to install a split-type system with copper ductwork. It’s also flexible, allowing homeowners to easily install a PVC, gas, or condensing unit without having too many challenges during installation. Split AC systems can be hooked up to dual units, grouped, and managed from one outdoor unit. This is ideal for larger homes.

What does Split AC Service mean?

You may clean a split indoor unit, but we advise getting it performed by experts. Pro AC engineers know the accurate methods of cleaning and servicing of split air-con. Take a look at the various steps of split AC repair services. 

Leave Your Air Conditioner To Dry Out. 

Your air conditioner may get moisture and wetness, so make it dry as much as required. It becomes easy to service and clean a dry split AC.

Detach The Machine From The Power Connection 

It is essential for Split AC Servicing to disconnect it from the electric connection. Don’t ever try to clean AC in running condition; it may harm or create a life-threatening situation. Always plug out the unit from the power switch.

Wrap up the AC With a clean Bag 

When you have plugged out AC from the power switch, the next process is to wrap up the AC with a clean and reusable bag. The bag can collect all the dirt and wreckage around the unit. 

Disconnect The Front Panel 

You’ll have to find the latches or tabs that grasp the front panel of your air unit if it doesn’t slide out with ease. If it’s not removable, try other methods. If you cannot remove the front panel, you need someone to hold it for a few minutes to clean the inside area.

Open and Dismantle Air Filter 

Now unlock and dismantle the air filter attached to the front side of the air conditioner. You can read the user manual to open the filter if you fail to do so. When you open the filter, move it slightly to clear the dust. 

Rinse the Air Filters

If AC filters are washable, you can wash them with normal water with washing soda or detergent. If you find air filters are not worth running longer, it is better to change them with fresh ones. 

split ac service fileter

Sanitize the Bacteria Filter 

Some AC models contain bacterial filters which need cleaning. Cleaning a bacteria filter is the same as cleaning a traditional air filter. 

Remove Dirt From Cooling Fins. 

The metallic rows attached in the AC appliance are cooling fins which also require cleaning. You can apply a blower to eliminate dust and grim over the cooling fins.

Perform Coils Cleaning 

The coils are spherical metallic parts enclosed around the mid of the indoor unit. 

No-rinse evaporator spray is a better device to clean such coils.  

Spraying Anti-Bacterial Solution

When you spray anti-bacterial and fungal solution in the Ac, it eliminates the chances of microorganism build-up, insect pest upsurge, and bacterial toxins around the machine.  

Cleaning of Drainage Hose 

Loosen the pipe that divides the indoor and outdoor units. Pressed nozzles can be an effective way of cleaning your drains, so you can spend more time enjoying your plumbing & less time worrying about clogs. Unclogging your AC drain line is not something that you want to do by hand. The only way to properly unclog a string is by using rushed water or cleaners and with the help of the nozzle-assisted plug pressurization for your AC’s vent pipe.

Switch on the AC Unit to Clean-Up On Its Own 

An essential part of a water heater startup is replacing the water and ensuring the electric unit is running properly. To do this, fix all internal parts back to the power source and set it on maximum cooling mode. At the same time, the AC operates for approximately 10-15 minutes to flush out muggy and filthy water that will extract after the AC begins operating.

Why Should I Get A Split AC Service?

Enhanced Air Cooling Quality 

Routine AC servicing can make sure better cooling and air quality. The cleaning and servicing of Split AC service can make air pure and breathable. The air that you get will not contain germs, bacteria, dust, grime, and pollutants.

Prolonged Lifespan of Air Conditioner 

Servicing is the essential process to make an appliance for work in longevity. If you don’t take care of your Split AC at home and office, it becomes out of service and eventually declines in performance for the long term. Maintenance and recurrent service help your AC to gain a prolonged lifespan. 

Environmental Saver 

The air conditioner has different issues such as refrigerant seepage, which produces greenhouse gases, and Hydrofluorocarbons gases. Both gases are hazardous and injurious to the atmosphere, and these gases are the biggest contributor to worldwide warming. Routine AC service helps to eliminate the likelihood of such leakage issues.

Reduce Expensive Repairs 

When you perform AC overhauling on time, it makes your air cooling appliance up to date. The well-maintained and serviced air cooling exchanger has the rare possibility to become a victim of any defect and problem. That eventually aid homeowner to save expensive repair costs in longer terms.

Decrease Energy Expenses 

If your climate control machine is working magnificently, it will consume limited electricity to operate. The limited consumption of electricity subsequently turns out to be the fewer energy bills monthly for the homeowner. 

How Do I Know If My Split Air Conditioner Needs Service?

These are some symptoms which you should address promptly and call AC reparation technicians 

1. Warm Air Instead Of Cool Air 

When air extracting through the air vent is warm and not cool, then it is an indication, you need air-con service and maintenance. The inefficient cool air flowing even at maximum temperature is the sign of a broken compressor. The lack of cool air also symbolizes that the refrigerant level is declining. 

2. Restricted Airflow

In case the air is not moving in the entire home or place, then call the expert and allow them to check the cooling appliance. The problem may happen because of obstructed ductwork, dirty filters. The grim and dust collected in the air-vent and block the air-duct. A damaged compressor is also responsible for low airflow. Excessive running of AC appliances can lead to tear and wear that decrease compressor’s performance. 

3. Bad Odor And Strange Noises   

If an air circulator appliance begins creating strange noise, then you should not wait and opt for services. If you overhear the noise of metal crushing over another, switch off the unit instantly and don’t start it again to stop the breakdown possibility.  

Moreover, bad odor in air condition is an indication of mold, moisture, microorganism build-up around the ductwork. Apart from that, if you breathe burning odor from your air-on, that may be symptoms of burnt wiring insulation. Contact AC reparation technologist to inspect the entire defect and perform reliable repair and solutions immediately 

4. Sudden Temperature Rising 

The temperature enhancement of the air-con appliance is also an indication of the clogged coil, damaged motor fan, broken electrical spare parts, and refrigerant leakage. Don’t attempt to repair air condition by yourself because it needs expertise, so a better decision is to set an appointment with an AC repairman. 

5. AC Is Leaking 

If your air-con refrigerant is dropping water, it is essential to address the problem instantly. The damaged and leaking refrigerant can become life-threatening for residents and pets. 

If the liquid is flowing down from the air-cooling device, there could be a dirty drainage hose. 

However, it is not as risky as refrigerant leakages, but you cannot overlook this problem too. 

It is essential to detect air-con faults before they create severe trouble. Contact Keyvendors for AC service and repair requirements. 


What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Split Ac Service?

benefits of split ac service 1

A Balanced and Cool Atmosphere 

It is a worse situation when your air conditioner shows burnout indication in burning summer. The finest method to make your AC cool and perform well in your home or wherever it is installed is to maintain services and repair frequently. 

The recurrent AC service will be helpful to bring a balanced and cool atmosphere to your place.

Reduce Heat Stroke Issues 

Becoming a victim of heatstroke due to dehydration and boiling summer points is something that nobody wants to face. Excessive heat pressure can attack you, and you can hit the heatstroke health issue. Fresh and cool air can eliminate dehydration and sunstroke and prevent you from heating burnout.

Decrease Humid Atmosphere

Split AC is a modernized and automatic cooling machine. Many Split Air Conditioner comes with an in-built dehumidifier device that flushes out humidity. So a serviced AC can regulate a humid environment and wipe other leakage and moisture issues. 

Cut Down Electricity Bills. 

 A well-maintained AC running at optimum capacity will still cost you less than having many fans on at once. The reduced energy usage leads to a lower electricity bill for you.

Saves Money On High-Priced Repairs 

A well-preserved AC is not likely to get a possible breakdown, leakage issue, thermostat problem, clogged drain, and other issues. If these problems will not arrive in your device, it means you will save substantial money on high-priced repairs and maintenance.

Confirm Safety And Good Health 

A purified air boosts the oxygenated ambiance in the house. When you get regular fresh and cool air that is free from dirt, contaminants, dirt, and other grim particles, you may be less affected by different diseases caused by air pollution and suffocation. Ultimately daily basis service can help in preserving the safe and healthy life of habitats. 

When Should I Schedule An Appointment For My Air Conditioner To Be Serviced By Technicians

You need to schedule an appointment for your Air conditioner service by the technician at least twice a year. You may service it during the offseason and also before the summer season starts.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Have My Air Conditioner Serviced?

The service cost for Split AC service is mentioned below. 

Split AC Service Charges

For 1.0 Ton – 599

For 1.5 Ton- 599

For 2.0 Ton- 599

If any spare part is found defective during AC service – Extra Charges, including spare part cost 

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