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Top 10 Things To Avoid With Your Washing Machine

things to avoid with your washing machine

When used appropriately, a washing machine is valuable for washing and keeping clothes fresh. You obviously want it to stay `in peak condition for as long as possible. However, mistakes you make might jeopardise the washing machine’s performance without realising it. You made a significant investment in the equipment, and whenever some problem occurs, it stresses you out. 

You can’t blame it on the estimated lifespan of the machine, which is usually approximately a decade. You might be the major cause of frequent problems. While a home warranty provider can help you solve some issues, there are several things you should avoid if you want to extend the life of your washer. This post will tell you about 10 things to avoid with your washing machine.

List Of Things To Avoid With Your Washing Machine

Avoid Leaving the Machine Unbalanced

If your washing machine is unbalanced, correct it before the situation worsens. It just takes a couple of minutes to adjust the machine’s bottom edges, but it makes a tremendous impact. An unbalanced load causes the washing machine to work harder than it should, resulting in wear and tear on the device and its components. 

This is one of the most important things to avoid with your washing machine. You might wind up with expensive repairs afterwards for something that requires a small amount of work. For further information, consult the product’s website or the user’s manual that came alongside your machine.

Avoid Using Too Much Detergent

Using Too much detergent is one of the most important things to avoid with your washing machine. If you use excessive detergent, you will get poor wash results. While you may efficiently remove stains, a lot of detergents will remain in your clothes after the rinse stage. You will be unable to detect this on light clothing. 

Still, if you wear a significant amount of dark clothing, evidence of overdose will be noticeable, with either particles of detergent powder or transparent streaks of liquid detergent noticeable. In any case, it’s not a good effect. Additionally, If your skin is allergic to the chemicals in detergent, using too much might be an issue.

Avoid Mixing Colours

Mixing whites with a variety of coloured clothing is the fastest way to destroy your clothing. Always wash white sheets and pillows separately if you don’t want unclean greys. This is where each material’s maintenance label comes into play. Separating dark materials from light-coloured ones is the safest way to avoid bleeding colours in the washing. 

Be wary of new garments because the dye colouring fades quickly, and light-coloured materials absorb it quickly. For example, never put a new coloured shirt and white undies in a heated water cycle.

thingd you should never put in washing machine

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Settings

One of the most important things to avoid with your washing machine is to stop second-guessing the temperature. That is if you don’t want part of your clothing to stretch. Examine the care label of each type of clothing to determine whether it needs steamy, moderate, or chilly temperatures, in addition to separating lighter and darker washing. This stage is more crucial than colour separation.

Natural textiles, like cotton, linen, and wool, shrink more in heated water than stable materials, like polyester and silk. Cotton is stretched throughout the production process, which is why it shrinks easily after the first wash. When running on a hot cycle, the outcomes diminish. Examine the label once more to determine the proper temperature setting and schedule.

If you are uncertain of the proper temperature setting for particular apparel, wash it in cold water by hand and sun-dry it. You should only use hot water to remove heavy filth and odours. Use cold settings for dark and new clothes to avoid colour fading and shrinking.

avoid these things put in washing machine

Avoid Drying Inappropriate Items

If you must dry anything besides towels, blankets, sheets, and garments if you don’t want to see a washing machine repaired in Delhi every time. Read the dryer’s directions to see if it might cause damage. Because some dryers can’t withstand rubber, anything rubber backing poses a risk to your machine. Dryer sheets, combustible materials, sandy blankets, pet hair, and some underwear are among the items you should never dry. While machine-washing sports gear does not harm the equipment, it may swiftly destroy the fabric. 

Most sportswear is made to wick sweat and shield the athlete from harmful ultraviolet radiation. As a result, it is not dryer-friendly since excessive heat and friction degrade the functional components in textile materials. The heat also decreased the suppleness of sports clothing, resulting in holes and rips. A cold and gentle cycle is ideal for washing sports clothing.

Avoid Ignoring Clothing Tags

Washing machines have made significant technological progress, and the most recent models simplify our jobs. However, without our assistance, they still can’t recognise a tag and select the appropriate settings. Amongst the things to avoid with your washing machine is ignoring the clothing tags.

To effectively wash your clothing, you must understand the manufacturer’s guidelines for that material type. Failure to read and obey the labelling can lead to colour bleeding and fabric shrinking, damaging your clothes.

Avoid Putting Wet Clothes in the Machine for an Extended Period

If you want to avoid seeing a washing machine repair in Delhi every week, then avoid this. Instantly remove any damp materials from the machine. Mould and mildew grow in moist clothing that is left out for hours. The leaking moisture soaking inside may cause unpleasant odours to persist in future loads.

Move the wet clothing to the dryer as soon as the washing cycle is done. The last thing you want in your home is a stinky machine that you might prevent with a simple rule. It is also beneficial to keep the door open so the unit may air-dry before the next operation.

Avoid Washing Everything

What we are attempting to convey is the fact that the machine is just for washing clothing. You can’t put stuff in the machine that doesn’t belong there and expect them to emerge clean and undamaged. You shouldn’t insert items like large metallic hangers, coins, necklaces, belts or cuff links, and so on in the washer. Not only might the objects be damaged, but the glass door may also crack, requiring immediate repair of your equipment.

Avoid Forgetting to Empty the Pockets

Remove tissues, bank notes, and coins from pockets before loading the washing with trousers, sweaters, and dresses. These things are hazardous every time they spin in the machine. Even if you’re in a rush, empty the pockets to avoid getting wet papers in the washer. Wet tissue should be removed by hand, and small papers should be removed using a gentle brush. 

If they linger after the clothing has dried, use adhesive tape to remove them. Chewing gum is another item that is unintentionally mixed up with washing. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the gum until it has caused some damage. Gum might permanently attach to your clothing or extend over the dryer’s wall.

Avoid Skipping Repairs And Neglecting Maintenance

No matter how pristine it appears, a washing machine requires frequent cleaning, or you will pay the price with an untimely replacement. It requires a thorough cleaning once a month, which is simple on an empty machine with vinegar. This approach aids in the removal of germs and mould, which can produce odours in clothing. 

Don’t forget about the dryer. Failure to remove fibres, lint and dust is a significant cause of fire incidents. Also, do not forget about the monthly maintenance. There are many washing machine repairs in Delhi, you can get your machine serviced at one closest to you. 


If you want to enhance the lifespan, then you should take note of the above mentioned things to avoid with your washing machine. We hope you weren’t committing any of these mistakes, but if you were, here’s your chance to save your washing machines and enhance their lifespan.

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