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5 Tips to Hire A Painting Contractors In Delhi

tips for hiring a painting contractor in delhi

A professional painter is hard to find and the demand for one is very high. He can make your old rough looking home just like new, that’s why it is recommended to hire only a professional painting contractor. But how will you find the best painting contractors in Delhi because there are many painters in Delhi who are providing painting services but are not that good in it and you might get tired finding one as well. Don’t worry, here are some tips to hire the right painters in delhi.

Tips To Hire Painting Contractors in Delhi

tips to keep in mind before hiring a painting contractor
Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

When it comes to making a decision especially for home improvement and decoration work like painting, waterproofing, interior designing etc. always follow these tips.

Online Research: Reviews, Ratingings and More

This is the first tip, Yes I know it is very common but people often leave it and pick the wrong person for the job. You should always research online about the painter or painting company. It will help you a lot. You can see his former projects, reviews and testimonials. Here are some more benefits of researching  online.

•  You can compare between two or more contractors, which will help you to choose the expert painting contractors according to your need.

• You can compare companies’ prices and can find the contractors according to your budget and need, Ect.

Compare Painting Contractors Online

Always remember that you should compare as many companies as possible. Get in touch with all and later compare and pick the most suitable and reliable option.

• Performance 

• Working Experience

• Material Used

Showcasing Last House Painting Job

It is the best way to know about the painters by asking for customer references. The painter will share everything about the last project done by them. You can judge on the basis of it. Did they do a good job, was the customer satisfied with the service? 

An expert painter will not fear to share his last project  to showcase you. You can ask for customer references in many ways like,

• You can ask for customers that they have done work for 

• You can visit their website and see their portfolio.

Always ask for at least 2 or more customer references from the company/painter they completed recently. 

Now, If there is need, You can verify the references too, You can verify the references in a simple way like

• By calling the customers

• Ask questions regarding Price, Budget, Result, and Management.

• Ask yourself about the person’s name and details that they have worked for.

find Out How Experienced Is Your Painter

An experienced painter knows how to handle different tools and equipment involved in a painting job, they know how to cover the property to keep it safe. Always find out about the company by asking these questions.

• How many years of experience do painters have?

• How many projects have they done?

• How many happy customers do they have? ,etc.

By checking about the painters you will be sure that you will get the high quality and expert service and will save yourself from a lot of troubles. An experienced painting contractor can paint all types of structures and things including Commercial, Residential, Metal doors, etc.

Good Painters Always Offer Warranty on Their work

A good painter will always offer a warranty for their service, Warranty period depends on which painting service you took. Providing a warranty by the contractors shows the quality of the work.

Always keep in mind that there is a difference between verbal warranties and written warranties. To save yourself from fraud or scams, always make sure to ask the contractors to write down the warranty. 

A verbal warranty can be declined by the contractors and you might end up taking wrong service. Always asking for a written warranty cannot be declined by the customer; it can be used as proof.

Ask Them, How are they going to paint your house

There are many painters in Delhi and every contractor has their own way of working and it is necessary to ask about the process. There are some necessary steps that an expert painter must do when the contractors will start painting. Here are some expert.

• Firstly experts will check your place before beginning.

• Painters will cover all the objects before they beginning the painting process.

• Professional painters take their work seriously by performing proper surface preparation.

• Then they will start their work.

• They will ensure to give the best result to the client.

• They’ll leave your place clean after completing the job.

By knowing about the procedure, You can also know how much time they are going to take, You will get an idea of what their work will include, You can find if they have extra cost for touch up, You can also know about the material that they’ll use.


Hiring a professional contractor might be hard if you don’t know the tips about hiring. Now you can start your research with these amazing tips and can find expert painting contractors according to your budget, Need, and requirements.

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