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The Waterproofing Cost per Sq Ft You Should Pay

waterproofing cost per square foot

How Much Does Waterproofing Cost per Sq Ft?

The basement is an integral area of a house or property. It is the area that confirms the building’s structural integrity and strength. The basement area is one of the open places to use. It is a building location that is slightly or entirely positioned underneath the ground level. Homeowners use a basement for different purposes. You can make parking area, gym, amusement area, storage space and many more. 

Similarly, a terrace or roof is also a significant zone of the house. It is an open location and is usually exposed to direct sunlight, rains, and leakage. Due to such exposure, if a homeowner has not waterproofed the terrace, the leakage can damage the overall home appearance and strength. As a layman, you also need to know the waterproofing Cost per Sq Ft so that you can estimate the complete budget for the waterproofing services. 

Waterproofing Cost per Sq Ft You Should Pay

When you find the basement is getting seepage or flooding, it is an alert for you to take prompt solution. Do not avoid leakage issues in the basement and terrace, lest the whole building can collapse. The majority of water problems in these two areas occur because of accumulated moisture. 

Every landlord feels tensed when finding water in the basement and roof area. A damp basement is risky for building strength and the health of the inhabitants. Never take the seepage problem casually and take a correct decision. Many properties holder worry about how to prevent moisture or flood in the roof and basement.

 A basement with moisture can badly affect the area and have an adverse influence on support beams, walls, and foundations. The finest approach is to contact an expert waterproofing contractor like Keyvendors and ask about the waterproofing price per square foot for the whole work. 

Though you may notice variations in waterproofing cost per square foot in India, we still suggest taking quotes from at least the top 5 waterproofing companies in Delhi or India, wherever you need them. Basement waterproofing cost and roof waterproofing cost rely on many components. 

You must detect the origination of the water leakage initially. We provide multiple choice and waterproofing techniques; hence you can select the correct one. Let us know some of them. 

Here Are the Average Costs Associated with Waterproofing per Square Foot

Type of WaterproofingBasement Waterproofing CostTerrace/Roof Waterproofing Cost
App Waterproofing MembraneNot Applicable65 ₹ per sq. ft.
Liquid Waterproofing Membrane55 ₹ per sq. ft.55 ₹ per sq. ft.
Bituminous Coating WaterproofingNot Applicable25 ₹ per sq. ft.
Injection Grouting Waterproofing75₹ per sq. ft.Not Applicable
Polyurethane Liquid MembraneNot Applicable45 ₹ per sq. ft.
Brick Bat Coba WaterproofingNot Applicable85 ₹ per sq. ft.
Polymer Modified Cementitious35 ₹ per sq. ft.35 ₹ per sq. ft.
Guniting Waterproofing75 ₹ per sq. ft.Not Applicable
Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Membrane150 ₹ per sq. ft.Not Applicable
Kota Stone Waterproofing90 ₹ per sq. ft.Not Applicable
The price Mentioned Above is Approx
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Frequent Reasons for Surplus Moisture Invasion Can Occur From: 

  • Water penetration via gaps where the walls and floor connect 
  • Damaged or broken foundation 
  • Incorrectly grouped gradients in your house surroundings 
  • Poorly manufactured window wells 
  • Groundwater overflow 
  • Cracks in walls and leakage in pipelines 
  • Condensation and excess humidity 
  • A household operation such as cleaning and drying substantial laundry 
  • Incorrectly configured or absence of gutters and downspouts 

 After you identify the root reason for the leakage, it becomes easy to determine the waterproofing cost of the basement and roof. 

However, the cost of waterproofing is determined by the following components:

 Location of Your House 

Your house location has a direct influence on waterproofing costs. Areas with excessive moisture, rainy climate, and wetness may cost high waterproofing. The demography around the house and its height significantly impact waterproofing cost per sq ft budget. 

Additionally, the wages of day-to-day workers differ in diverse cities. Hence, appointing a waterproofing expert is an intelligent decision to get rid of roof and basement leakage. 

Basement Size and Available Design 

When a waterproofing company determines waterproofing cost per sq ft, they also consider basement size. Home renovation specialists normally apply common drainage cost practices depending on per square foot. 

Operating on a profound subsoil requires extra labor due to the additional digging required. Foundations are usually dug 1.5 meters underneath the earth’s surface, with window boreholes added whether they are shallower than that. Typically, the higher the expense of waterproofing your basement, the deeper the basement.


Every sensible person will approach moisture-proof or watertight methods to prevent indoors or exterior home structures. Immediate repairs, such as adding a coating to prevent foundation leaking, may be less costly than lengthier remedies, such as creating a sewage tunnel around the structure. Get complete information about how much waterproofing is per square meter through Keyvendors.

Possible solutions for basement and terrace water penetration and leakage 

Top 3 Internal Waterproofing Solutions or Methods 

Underfloor Drain Tile Methods: The accepted practice in basement waterproofing is underfloor drainage technology. The complexity and functionality of these systems have different impacts based on various factors and locations. Traditional pipelines and pebbles are low in commodity costs but high in wages because they require breaking apart and excavating a huge, long tunnel in the foundation walls to be efficient. The classic pipe and pebble technique is excellent, although it has downsides. Since they lie in the mud, such systems are prone to cluttering. For generating movement, they require a lot of fields and a pint of water.

Footer Drainage Systems: Waterproofing Contractors, including Keyvendors, prefer footer drainage channels since they involve less manpower and are more convenient than conventional pipeline and sand. Footer drainage channels entail breaking up your foundation floor to uncover the underpinning, then establishing a sewer around the basement’s edge that flows into a recirculating sump pump. The most notable perk of this system is that it is not lying in any mud or sediment that might impede it.

Above-The-Floor-Baseboard-Channels: An above-the-floor-baseboard-channel system eliminates the need to tear up your foundation subfloor. It is also one of the Best DIY waterproofing methods. Most waterproofing companies and constructors build these solutions in unitary foundations, with one wall and one bottom. A centralized basement foundation is not something you would like to break up. Above the floor, baseboard canals are a successful and inexpensive alternative for drying out a cellar with a water supply from the damp connections.

Top 3 External Waterproofing Solutions or Methods 

Foundation Waterproofing Membrane: A waterproofing membrane is a much more expensive choice than a cementitious coating, but it will be more effective. Drilling and the addition of sewage tiles are needed to configure a barrier and prevent seeping in fully. Since there are no gaps connecting sheets that could outflow, a liquid membrane is more powerful.

Liquid Waterproofing Membrane: Experienced waterproofing professionals will deliver high-quality waterproofing membranes at the most affordable price. The company provides a single coat or double coat of waterproof membrane with various classifications to seal your walls and foundation. It is made of crystal or elastic liquid that effectively penetrates the walls and protects them from moisture. 

These waterproof membranes are great for protecting septic fields as well. This method comes with one demerit; you have to engage an application specialist; it may be placed deeper in some areas and narrower in others. On the other hand, waterproof seams, gaps, and other surfaces are unique to every manufacturer.

Cementitious Waterproofing: Cementitious waterproofing is the best option to waterproof your concrete floors and walls. Cement is poured over the floor or wall and troweled until it is smooth. This coating can be applied to cover crashes or close a skulk space. The average waterproofing charge per square foot for professional application for a basement is around 40 to 50 Rs. Cement-based waterproofing can look as good as other options and apply as easily.


At Keyvendors, we provide the best information regarding the price of basement waterproofing because we are specialized in this service. We can provide you with a solution for every situation based on the basement size. We also tell you what does waterproofing cost per square foot? Or even how you can stop water from entering your basement for good. We offer a wide range of services at very affordable prices and work around the clock so that we can meet your deadlines.

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