The Average PPF Coating Price For Car In India – Latest 2023

PPF Coating Price For Cars

The best way to protect your car is to coat it with a protective layer. The layers protect the vehicle from external elements, such as rain and snow. In the auto industry, PPF coating is a type of car paint protection applied on the vehicle’s exterior to protect it from environmental hazards. This process protects the car from UV rays, scratches, and dents. PPF coating price for car varies depending on what kind of exterior paint you have, how much coverage you need, the size of a vehicle, where it is being done, the type of paint, and the type of PPF coating.

Here Are PPF Coating Price For Car

The price of the car ppf coating is not a fixed amount. It varies depending on several known factors. However, other factors influence the cost of a car ppf coating, such as:

  • Type of paint used for the coating
  • Size of the surface to be coated.
  • Type and number of coats applied.
  • Location where it is installed, and more.

The prices for car PPF coating vary from company to company. The price for the same car can vary depending on the company providing the service. It is important to compare prices and determine the best for you.

Ideally, the cost of a car ppf coating can be anything from Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000 or more, depending on the type of paint protection film, thickness, and other factors mentioned.

PPF Coating Price For Car
PPF Coating Price For Hatchback40000
PPF Coating Price For Sedan45000
PPF Coating Price For SUV50000
PPF Coating Price For MUV55000
PPF Coating Price For Coupe60000
PPF Coating Price For Convertibles65000
PPF Coating Price For Pickup Trucks70000

Tips To Choose The Best Company for PPF Coating

ppf coating for cars price

The decision to buy a car is a big one. It’s not just about the price of the vehicle but also the cost of maintaining it. The cost of maintaining your car can be high, depending on where you live and how often you drive. Consider getting a protective coating for your vehicle to protect it from scratches and dents and keep your paint looking good. The cost of this service can vary depending on which company you choose.

Apart from that, you should know that the ppf coating for car price will depend on how much coverage you want. If you want a full car coating, it will cost more than if you want to do some touch-ups. There are noticeable differences in price depending on the type of paint your car uses. For example, the cost for a car ppf coating can be higher if your vehicle is made with clear coat paint because it is more difficult to work with and has more steps. 

The car ppf coating price can also depend on the coating you choose. It also varies based on where the ppf coating is applied, how much coverage was needed, or if any repairs were necessary before using the layer. It also depends on how much time it takes to complete the job.

Many companies offer this service, so choosing one can be tough. You should consider factors like whether they have experience working on your type of car or whether they have an office close by so you don’t have to travel far for the service.

car ppf coating price

What Type Of PPF Coating Should I Select?

PPF coating is the most popular and affordable car protection solution. It’s a clear urethane paint that protects your car against certain external factors. PPF coating is classified into two categories: single-coat and two-coat. 

  • Single coat: A single coat is a cheaper option with less durability than a two-coat. It’s also more prone to peeling off in hot weather or when exposed to chemicals like gasoline or oil.
  • Double coat: Two-coat PPF coating is more durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. However, it’s more expensive than a single coat, so you must decide what type of protection you want for your car based on your budget and needs.

There are many types of PPF coatings you can choose from. The coating you select will depend on the car’s make and model, your budget, the level of protection you want, and its application method based on the type. There are two modes of applying a PPF coating:

  • Liquid method: The liquid process of applying ppf coating is more expensive than the roll-on method because it needs to be used by professionals with experience in this work. Applying this coating requires a spray gun and paint booth to prevent overspray onto your car’s bodywork or chassis.
  • Roll-on or spray-on method: The roll-on spray method can be done at home without any experience or equipment needed. You need to apply it on your car’s bodywork or chassis with an applicator brush and then let it dry before you wash your car next time.

Different Types Of PPF Coating With PPF Coating Price For Car

ppf coating price

Choosing the right type of PPF coating for your car is not easy. There are a lot of factors to consider. When you go to the store, there are various coatings and prices. It can be hard to figure out which option is the best. Generally, there are three major types of ppf coating available in the market today:

  1. Clearcoat coating: This coating is used to protect against scratches, swirls, and other damage to the paint. It is also used as a base coat for different paints. Clear Coat ppf Coating for car’s price is usually between Rs 1500-Rs 2500.
  2. Ceramic coating: This coating is resistant to scratching and provides a glossy finish to the car paint. Ceramic Coating Price is usually between Rs 2500-Rs 4000.
  3. Metallic Coating: This type of coating is used for cars with a metallic colour like blue, silver, or gold and provides a mirror-like finish with an extra layer of protection from weathering, rusting, and corrosion. Metallic Coatings Price is usually between Rs 4000-Rs 7500.

This is further divided into different types depending on its base. There are three different types of bases used for making these coatings.

  • Water-based: It is a type of protective finish that uses water-based acrylic, polyurethane, or polyacrylic paint as the base. The coating is usually applied by spraying on and wiping off with a cloth. It can be used for interior surfaces and applied to metal, wood, concrete, and other surfaces.
  • Solvent-based: It uses an oil-based primer or paints as the base. The primer or paint is applied to the surface to protect it and then allowed to dry before applying the top coat. The solvent-based coating can also be used on metal, wood, concrete, and other surfaces.
  • Hybrid-based: It is a mixture of water-based and solvent-based coatings. It has the best qualities of both types, but it is also more expensive than both types. A hybrid type of coating is often a combination of water and solvent bases. It can also be considered as two different types of coatings mixed for one to work better with another. A hybrid type of coating combines the features of both the water-base type and the solvent-base type.


With the above analysis on ppf coating, a car ppf coating is important for your vehicle. It protects the paint from environmental elements and ensures the vehicle looks good for years. However, a car’s ppf coating price can be quite expensive. PPF coating prices for cars vary depending on the company and the car type; as mentioned earlier, the cost can range between Rs 5000 to Rs 20,000.

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