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Top 7 Roof Waterproofing Products In India That Last A Long Time

roof waterproofing products

Before you even visit a waterproofing contractor, they will describe the Best Roof Waterproofing Products in India and suggest the most suitable option. Your decision is based on the particular waterproofing work your property demands and your finances.

We want to provide you with a thorough catalog of waterproof materials frequently applied by experienced contractors. Therefore, what are the different types of structure waterproofing? Waterproofing construction materials experts utilize one of the verified and inspected procedures listed below.

  • Plaster 
  • Lining
  • Inflexible
  • Spurted
  • Paintable
  • Injection

The portion of the structure decides the technique and waterproofing products you use you would like to protect.

Top 7 Best Roof Waterproofing Products In India

Allow us to give a detailed list of waterproofing products: –


Thermoplastic is the only waterproofing product with extended durability of nearly five decades. Thermoplastic is productive alternative cover panels and sheets if it is heated precisely. The thermoplastic has the essence of elastomers which makes and protective and supple against leakage. 

waterproofing material for roof
waterproofing material for roof

PVC Waterproofing Membrane

Among the recurrently and hugely applied waterproofing materials for roofs is PVC membrane. It has great absorbent qualities against liquid and gases, and it can provide additional longevity to the structure.

Waterproofing companies also recommend using this product because it is effortless to configure and has long-lasting attributes. 

roof waterproofing products india
roof waterproofing products india


Among the most excellent waterproofing materials is polyurethane. It is easy to apply and covers the surface consistently and thoroughly.

As a result, the polyurethane barrier will seal in the slightest fissures, decreasing its water holding capacity. Polyurethane also can be impervious to oils, cleansers, and chemical pollutants. Polyurethane is the most versatile waterproofing material due to its properties and benefits. Ceilings, terraces, stairs, and facades can all benefit from it.

People also ask about the best Tile roof waterproofing products in India, and here are some of the products: 

  • Elastomeric Coatings.
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Rubber
  • Elastomeric Coatings.
  • Modified Bitumen
waterproofing products
waterproofing products

Coating Of Cementite

Sand, physical and chemical compounds, and silica-based substances make up the cementitious coating. Since it is so simple to use, it is hugely common among waterproofing professionals.

Users merely need to combine the essential particles with a particular amount of water before beginning the setup process. The disadvantage of this use is the cementitious coating’s weakness of not being supple. As a result, we propose it as one of the cellar and floor waterproofing materials.

An additional advantage of cementitious coating is its low price. A specialist is putting a cementitious coating, a cost-effective wall waterproof solution. Moreover, it is also considered the best product for waterproofing flat roofs, and that is why waterproofing experts recommend this product.

EPDM Rubber

EPDM rubber is among the most effective roof waterproofing technologies. Membranes in two diameters are available: 45 mils and 60 mils. This waterproofing product’s main virtue is adaptability, which is important for roof waterproofing because it increases in size periodically owing to thermal effects.

According to width and brand, EPDM rubber prices differ between Rs 385 and 400 per square meter. It is undoubtedly the best waterproofing material for roofs, and Keyvendors also utilizes EPDM Rubber, which is widely used for a rooftop.

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roof waterproofing
roof waterproofing

The membrane of The Bituminous

The bituminous membrane is made by combining bitumen with a blend of substances. It is multifunctional, simple to implement, and suitable for domestic and industrial structures. The overall outcome is a slippery, thick material with a long shelf life.

Nevertheless, this is not an ecologically responsible or renewable waterproofing solution because it is produced from oil products. Bituminous membrane, on either hand, is a very cost-effective use. Keyvendors use thermoplastic, bituminous membranes, and other waterproofing materials.

Rubberized Asphalt

The rubberized asphalt waterproofing material is applied particularly on the terrace of industrial products. It is a highly hard and adaptable substance delivering robust security against all seasonal effects.

best roof waterproofing products in india
best roof waterproofing products in india

It also has less liquid and gas penetrability. It also has a faster drying attribute which may take only 3-4 hours after implementation. 

Application Areas for Waterproofing Products

Some of the applications are here. 

Roof Waterproofing Applications

Whenever it’s about water intrusion, the roofs are among the two most sensitive areas of the structure. Roofing products are generally waterproof because it needs protection from leakage. The roof area is usually exposed to direct sunlight, dust, debris, and wear and tear.

It is essential to maintain the cleansing and structural strength of the roof by integrating waterproofing material for the roof in the construction.  The waterproofing products apply over the roofing as a preventing covering or fitted beneath it as a component of the roofing construction.

Regardless of the category of the roof and the temperature in your location, a skilled builder will formulate appropriate Roof Waterproofing Products along with roof renovation and construction. 

Wall Waterproofing

Waterproofing solutions for walls must include beyond protection against leakage. It is also necessary to include Moisture shields and air buffers. Alternatively, dampness might become absorbed in the brickwork and woodwork behind the insulating material, causing fungus, mold, and worms to propagate.

It is always best to treat such issues in advance and include top-class roof waterproofing products in India to eliminate wall waterproofing.   

Terrace and Balcony Waterproofing 

Waterproofing companies such as Keyvendors consider everything before using the products. We understand what features are essential for terrace and balcony water protection. 

Waterproofing building products must integrate particular attributes, including protection against ultraviolet rays and suppleness. It is natural for the terrace and balcony to have minor dislocation because of temperature fluctuations. A tough waterproofing product may crash and require renovation and replacement immediately. 

Roof Waterproofing Products: Conclusion

The accurate application of waterproofing materials is part of the routine of the experts at Keyvendors Waterproofing Solutions. We have almost 16 years of expertise in foundation restoration using the superior waterproofing techniques outlined herein.

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