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Which Types Of Painting Textures Is The Best For Your House

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What Is Texture Painting/ What Do You Know About Texture Painting?

Texture painting can change over your old house to look vibrant. Without question, it is a widely used paint type for walls. The paint comes with high density and contains gypsum or sand grains, silica that is bounced water-slender folder. The application of texture paint leaves hard outlined touch-up on the wall. 

The deep density and heaviness feature makes it beneficial for various usage for customizing causes such as painting drywall excluding primer and patching up drywall joints. If we can monitor the current status of the wall surface, texture painting is easy to use. We can use top-quality texture instead of wallpaper if it is not too gloomy. You can identify your wall conditions to analyze the paint quality used before the texture painting spraying. Let us know different types of painting textures but before that let us talk about the benefits of texture painting.

What Are The Benefits of Using Texture Painting 

  • Texture paint designs have excellent resistance capacity to protect against uneven weather, temperature, water, wind, rains, and UV rays. 
  • The texture paint provides tremendous protection against flaking, algae-fungi buildup, drooping, and peeling. 
  •  It offers a modern look and design to your home. 
  • It adds personality and feelings to the wall painting of the house. 
  • It is an advanced option compared to wallpapers, and it comes with different designs, textures, shades, etc.
  • It is simple to understand and easy to use, however always hire a professional to do the job.
  • There is no complex method needed to get a stylish, dry, and visually attractive surface. 
  • The textured design can hide flaws and holes in the walls. 
  • It is durable and needs low maintenance that is eventually saving your hard-earned funds.

Here are some types of painting textures

Rosebud Texture Paint – A Thin Layer Of Drywall Mud

The rosebud texture paint is made using a brush to create spheres in the damp mud to form a rosebud design. It is performed time after time sequences of design, and one must practice it in aged drywall until perfection. It is a facile wall texture to use. However, it is a unique texture paint type for covering defects on the drywall surface and providing an attractive look.  

Smooth Texture Paint – A Harsh Material Free Paint

When you search list of all types of texture painting designs, smooth texture paint is also popular in the market. There is no harsh material such as sand or grain in the smooth texture paint that is why it is lightweight. Additionally, as the name stands, it helps design a smooth formation. It is dense and weighty; therefore, it needs a putty blade for application. Due to the heaviness of this paint, it appears as a plaster post drying.

Crow’s Feet Texture Paint Also Known As Slap Brushing

Crow’s feet texture paint is trouble-free to apply, and it is formed by using damp muck to clean drywall and applying a brush with unbending spines. The painter will shove mud up to create a crow’s feet lookalike image; therefore, the name of the texture is the same. The significant demerit of this texture design is that it easily attracts soil and dirt inside the profound texture channel. The benefit is that it looks contemporary and visually sound. 

Sand Texture Paint And Its Types

Sand texture design is one of the different textures of paint that is also highly demanding. It consists of extra addition. It is interior acrylic painting and is accessible in superior, average, and uncouth granule sizes. There are two types of sand texture paint:-

  1. Self (Post)-Mixing Texture Paint
  2. Premixed Sand Texture Paint
sand texture paint

Spade Ad Hawk Lean To Make A Strong Texture Coasts

Hawk is a plain shield with a switch under that is applied to make texture layout. A plane rectangular is utilized to implement plaster to the wall surface and put plaster in the middle of a hawk. Thence, spade, and hawk lean to make strong texture coats overlapping one another.

Popcorn Texture Paint For The Popcorn Effect

As the name indicates, Popcorn Texture Paint gives popcorn visuals. The added Styrofoam to the design makes the structure carry out a feathery look. The paint application with traditional painting equipment is difficult. It requires a modern and extraordinary atomizer with bulky needles for the application. The paint is highly dense and disguises several defects on walls, and delivers seamless furnishings.

a types of painting

Orange Peel Texture Paint,  Called Splatter Or Eggshell

Orange peel texture paint is expanded on the primer with sprayer and is layered with primer or an uppermost layer; even though it is not hard, similar to sand paint, it is long-lasting. It is facile to crumb the paint, so it is the finest option for the kitchen and washroom. 

Knockdown Texture Paint Made By Watering Down Joint Compound

The Knockdown paint comprises sprinkling a paint layer of nearly one-eighth inch dense. This paint is a widely preferred texture painting for a bedroom. Post drying of the first layer high points is knockdown with the usage of trowel and putty blade. The paint is hard and long-lasting. 

Splatter Knockdown Texture An Intricate Pattern Of Splotches

Only an expert painter with deep knowledge in texture painting can perform Spladder Knockdown wall texture because it needs intensive care. It completes in manifold phases because it needs two-layer of primer applications before sprinkling wall texture over a wall surface. The final product comes with a softer surface by plying bulky plane knife. It is a significant texture design for fresh paint.     

Skip Trowel A Popular Texture In Many Areas Of The USA

The skip trowel texture design is appropriate for hiding imperfection walls and disguised visible drywall tape. It is the simplest and effortless paint design that completes with accidental blueprints.

a types of painting textures 1

Comb Texture A texture in which individual crystals have their long axis perpendicular 

Comb textures are well accepted as it contains superior modish wall surface, and they are produced through methods producing rows of changeable thickness. The majority of generic comb texture appears as rainbow visuals at the different viewpoint in drywall. You can try it out with a trowel with tiny teeth ranges to create rows and form a rainbow shape.

Hire a painter with a team of a minimum of two workers in which one will be functioning on the texture formation and the second one will utilize a comber, roller, or sprayer. One professional will implement muck, and the other one can make design simultaneously.


Texture painting is a specialized and expert painting service, and you cannot hire a novice painter for that. Whenever you want texture painting in your house or workplace, it is necessary to pick out professional painters from the loyal and veteran painting contractors in Delhi NCR. However, Keyvendors has also touched the height of brilliance in delivering spectacular, trendy, graceful, and eye-relaxing texture painting to all types of spaces.

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