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Why Waterproofing is Essential for Your home Safety

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When you have space that is beautifully structured and designed then you expect longevity and firmness within the space. Needless to say, waterproofing is the current requirement of construction which prevents you from the damage caused by water in the building. However this is taken very lightly and well as ignored, but things can turn drastically dangerous if the serious step of opting for waterproofing not taken on time. Often we neglect the moisture and leakage of water in the ceiling and walls which is not a good approach. It is definitely a matter of concern and you need certified Waterproofing services in Delhi NCR to give you a concrete waterproofing plan as per the seriousness of the problems.

When water infiltrates into the building or any other structure it causes damages. Water presence in building for a long time not only destroys its outer surface and inner infrastructure water inserting walls make them moisture and weak. This will make the beams and angles get rusted. Before it is showing stain and decaying in the ceiling or walls, the consultation of waterproofing experts are required.  An insulated roof that absorbs the water will find it difficult to get back to the dry status.

The wetness of the building due to water intrusion can have serious risks to the structure. Not only damaging the building ingredient and also structural damage could take place when water enters.  Moreover moisture due to water leakage is also damage your home strength. The best way to protect your building is to hire professional waterproofing contractors and Keyvendors is providing the best services in this section. You can also get help of our previous blog in which we have described about moisture preventing methods and solutions

How Water enters the building

Generally, we make sure that the building is protected from any kind of moisture through water but as we can there are several tiny entrance points on the concrete. Or in other areas of building the water can enter by these points to and causes damages such as:

Sweltering of paints

Probable failure of lighting and short circuit of power points

Rusting of metals like steel reinforcement in concreting construction resulting distortion

Inflammation of plasterboards and consequent de-bonding of ceramic tiles

Mutilation to the structures and its components such as frames, shirking, floor joists, beams, floors

Health issues and other risks of moisture caused by Water Infiltration

When the formation of moisture becomes a serious threat to your health as it can cause micro-organism, respiratory ailments, and increasing gas such as radon.

In subsequently increase environmental pollution in metropolitan cities where you can find many space structures that contribute to sewage, carbon dioxide, and pollution from vehicles.

The carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and Sulphur dioxide mixed with rain and it denotes acid rain which can be easily dissolved in water, and eventually, it will enter the structure and weaken the foundation and pillars.

How building can be protected water infiltration

Safeguarding building material through the surface coating

When the construction is going, the building material or surface can be coated with a surface coating so that it can restrict the dispersion of liquid and gases. Moreover, this coating should be heavier shielded coating, however, this coating needs to have the scope of water vapor diffusion.

Changing the atmosphere

The damage to the building can be reduced by decreasing the level of pollutants and this can be done by sensitive positioning of industrial sectors and lessening the vehicle and other radiations.

Decrease the Water entrance

The water entrance needs to be decreased by conducting waterproofing services so that the probable damp can be tackled and prevented which causes a decaying stoppage and better drainage system.

Safeguard the building material by fecundation

The building material should be fecundated with a component or element that has the capability to decrease the liquid water access. However, the fecundation of building material is very difficult and it helps in preventing the damaging gas dispersion.


Though many of us have believed that the home where we are living is a strong structure of bricks, concrete, beam, reinforcement iron rods, and pillars, we cannot deny the fact that it can be damaged by the water entrance within the building due to rain, leakage, and broken water tank or pipe. Waterproofing must be don’t during or after the construction whenever it is possible. It saves from the future damages and breakdown of your building. Hire the expert and experienced waterproofing contractors in Delhi NCR only through the Keyvendors platform.

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